Due to current travel and import restrictions, our dog transports are limited. We continue to work with our international and domestic rescue friends to find ways to help the dogs. If you have been thinking about adopting a rescue sighthound and have questions, we would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to call or email us. 

MotorCity Greyhound Rescue (MCGR) was conceived by a group of individuals connected by a deep love of the racing greyhound and an opposition to greyhound racing. MCGR is comprised of many dedicated volunteers and supporters who share our passion and for whom we are so grateful. We are based in the Detroit area and primarily serve the southeastern Michigan, southwestern Ontario and Toledo, Ohio areas. Generally, we can adopt to families within a four-hour radius of Detroit and Toronto.

Our mission is to rescue greyhounds, galgos and other sighthounds and place them into permanent, loving homes. MCGR is opposed to the breeding and using of dogs for the racing and gambling business. MCGR is opposed to the selling of dogs into countries where there are no animal welfare laws. We have homed over 600 dogs since 2012.  

MCGR is partnered with Candy’s Hound Rescue International which is based in the UK and operates in China to provide care and a safe environment for greyhounds rescued from the Chinese meat trade. Racing greyhounds have been exported from Ireland, UK and Australia by owners to race and breed in China.  When they are no longer useful, many will be sold for meat where their torture is unimaginable.  Dedicated Chinese rescuers work tirelessly to save greyhounds and other dogs out of the slaughterhouses.

MCGR is also partnered with Galgos Del Sol which has saved thousands of galgos and podencos and placed them into loving homes throughout Europe and North America. Galgos have a similar appearance and demeanor to greyhounds, but they are sighthounds of a different lineage than the racing greyhound.  These dogs were once revered by the Spanish, but they are now used by hunters and are considered disposable when the hunting season ends.  Thousands are killed, injured and abandoned each year.  Their rescuers pour their hearts into finding, rehabilitating and homing these sweet and deserving dogs.

Additionally, we strive to provide forever homes for Irish racing greyhounds rescued by PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland after they are no longer wanted by the industry in Ireland and the UK.

We work with Muscat Dog Adoption in Oman. Our goal is to secure adoptive homes in our area for the Wadi dogs who are rescued and rehabilitated by MDA. The Wadi dog is a mixed breed descended from Salukis.

We have worked with Dogs of Portugal as well in order to help home Portuguese Podengos.  This organization focuses on homing abandoned dogs into loving homes in Europe and North America and on improving animal welfare practices in Portugal.

MotorCity Greyhound Rescue is a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We strive to raise funds which will provide for the necessary vetting and transport expenses for our foster dogs.  We must count on the generosity of individuals and community organizations who realize how precious these lives are and will help us in our mission. Donations are tax deductible. 

Be sure to check our Calendar of Events to see what’s happening!


Kroger Community Rewards  Kroger shoppers, please consider designating your rewards to go to MCGR. Kroger donates generously, so follow the link above to enroll or to link your Kroger Plus Card to us. Our group number is EV531. It’s the easest way to help raise funds for your favorite non-profit!

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