Before your new friend arrives, you will want to make sure that you have a few basic things:

Appropriately-sized crate….we recommended that you crate your dog in the beginning when he will be left alone in the house.  This will  help him to settle in quicker and protect both dog and home in case he becomes anxious when you leave. We will help you to choose the correct size crate for your dog.  If you wish, your follow-up support representative can discuss weaning from the crate once your dog is comfortable.

 Soft dog beds…sighthounds are bony and need a nice soft place, or two or three, to lay.

 Food and water bowlstoys and treats.

 ID tag…with your home and cell phone numbers.

 Food…We recommend a high-quality kibble with named meats as the first ingredients and healthy grains, fruits and vegetables.  Avoid foods that contain filler grain or meat by-products.  There are many good brands out there and we are happy offer recommendations as well as discuss healthy add-ins and snacks.  

A veterinarian with a good knowledge of  greyhounds and sighthounds…if you do not currently have a vet, our representatives can guide you.



Once your dog is home, a Follow-Up Team member will call on you to check in and see how your first week has gone.  This is a good time to share stories about your dog and to ask more questions.  We are also here to help you over any bumps in the road as your new dog adjusts to the changes in his life.  If you are experiencing any difficulties, please let us know right away.  Do not wait for us to check in.  Problems can be more easily resolved when addressed immediately.  

Expect for it to take several weeks for your new friend to settle into his new surroundings and start to really feel comfortable.  Adopters often marvel at the silly and playful personality that starts to emerge from their quiet and stoic hound.  Remember that everything is new in your home and your rules may be different from what your dog has known before.  Show great patience and understanding as you help your dog learn your household rules and you will have a happy and well-behaved dog who will always trust you.

Dogs want to do the right thing and to please their people.  They learn quickly with positive guidance and gentle reminders.  We can chat with you about positive-reinforcement training for your dog.