male/black  DOB: 3 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Pino is a Portuguese Podengo saved through the rescue efforts of Cantinho da Milu and Dogs of Portugal. Pino is a little charmer with a perfectly scruffy face.  He is a sweet, playful and snuggly guy and is good with other dogs.  Pino’s foster dad has helped him to work through some initial fears and prepared him well for a forever home. He will be looking for a family who will continue to assure that he grows in his feelings of safety and security and confidence. In Michigan.

Jackie/Omani Wadi

female/black and white  DOB: 3 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Jackie is a Wadi dog rescued from the streets in Oman by Muscat Dog Adoption.  Jackie is blind, however she senses and figures out her surroundings amazingly quickly. Jackie loves, loves, loves people.  She is very sweet, well behaved and just wants all the cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. She tends to react around strange dogs and will bark so she needs a human who will continue to help her become comfortable and familiar in her new home.  Jackie has had some seizures and is taking medication to prevent them. We believe that she will be happiest as an only dog in a home where she can get all the attention.  Jackie has been good with cats too.  In Michigan.


female/white and black  DOB: 7/1/2016

Adoption Fee $150 USD

Pikachu is a darling little (45lb) girl who is very well behaved and communicates her needs well. She lived in a home for over five years, but became anxious with the arrival of a new baby.  She seems to be relaxed and settled in her foster home without little humans.  Pikachu is undergoing treatment for arthritis in her legs. The treatments are proving to be very effective, but she will need special food, supplements and care for the rest of her life.  Pikachu loves to have nice dog friends and will be looking for a family who will provide the care she needs to stay comfortable and happy.  In return, her family will enjoy the love of a super sweet companion. In Michigan.