male/black  DOB: 3 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Pino is a Portuguese Podengo saved through the rescue efforts of Cantinho da Milu and Dogs of Portugal. Pino is a little charmer with a perfectly scruffy face.  He is a sweet, playful and snuggly guy and is good with other dogs.  Pino’s foster dad has helped him to work through some initial fears and prepared him well for a forever home. He will be looking for a family who will continue to assure that he grows in his feelings of safety and security and confidence. In Michigan.

Jackie/Omani Wadi

female/black and white  DOB: 3 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Jackie is a Wadi dog rescued from the streets in Oman by Muscat Dog Adoption.  Jackie is blind, however she senses and figures out her surroundings amazingly quickly. Jackie loves, loves, loves people.  She is very sweet, well behaved and just wants all the cuddles, kisses and belly rubs. She tends to react around strange dogs and will bark.  We believe that she will be happiest as an only dog in a home where she can get all the attention.  Jackie is good with cats too.  In Michigan.

Holly/Whippet Mix

female/white with red  DOB: 2.5 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Holly is a very sweet, affectionate and good girl. She was saved from the horrors of the meat trade by Candy’s Hound Rescue International. She has excellent manners and has worked hard with her foster family to get the routines and expectations of being a household pet mastered. Holly enjoys walks, but in typical sighthound fashion, she loves naps and cuddles the most.
Holly enjoys human and dog company. She can be a little shy with strangers but warms up quickly and becomes the best cuddle buddy out there! Holly has never met another dog she doesn’t get along with and would love a home with a canine friend to play with her. She hasn’t spent much time around children, but her foster family feels she would adapt to them easily. Holly has not been tested with cats. We truly have no idea why this very good girl has waited so long for her forever family. In Ontario.


Aries/Omani Wadi

male/red  DOB: 2 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Aries was rescued by Muscat Dog Adoption from a situation where he was kept in a cage with another dog with little human interaction. He was confined to the four walls of his dirty enclosure with very limited access to food and water. In spite of this treatment, he is a very sweet boy with a ton of love to give. He can be a little shy when meeting new people, but warms up with a little time and kindness. Aries is working on all of his manners in his foster home. He does well with gentle correction and is adapting to life as a household pet easily. Aries is a playful pup and is very social with other dogs. He would be well suited to a home with a few people to bond with who will help him build his confidence. He could live with older children who are respectful and dog-savvy. In Ontario.

Jimmy/Omani Wadi 

male/red  DOB: 4.5 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

  Jimmy comes from a very difficult past in Oman. Prior to his rescue by Muscat Dog Adoption, he was shot and hit in the head with a blunt object. His eye and his jaw are slightly out of line as a result, but he has no special needs from his injuries. It takes a little while for Jimmy to bond with new people, but once he does, he is extremely affectionate and sweet. Jimmy requires a home that is quiet, stable and supportive, and is willing to help build his confidence in new situations. Jimmy would be best suited to a home without children where he is only handled by a couple of trusted people. He loves cats, but can be selective about canine companions. Interested adopters with dogs would require a meet and greet between dogs prior to adoption. In Ontario.

Athena/Omani Wadi

female/white and fawn  DOB: 2 yr

Adoption Fee $350 USD

Athena is a confident girl. She wasn’t fazed at all by her travel experience from Muscat Dog Adoption to Canada and greeted everyone on the other side like she’s known them for years! Athena loves everyone – dogs and humans of all shapes and sizes. Athena would be suitable for many different types of families. She is a great girl with a lot of love to give, and she would make an excellent walking/hiking partner for someone who enjoys time outdoors. Athena could be placed in a home with other dogs or children over the age of four. She is a lovely girl who will add a ton of fun to the life of whoever is lucky enough to adopt her!  In Ontario.