male/brindle  DOB: 1/24/1016

Adoption Fee $250 USD

Sage is a gentle soul from Ireland. He is a lurcher who lived in the travelling community and came under the care of PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland. He prefers female company to male company but is able to be comfortable around males with a careful introduction. He is shy at first but when he feels more comfortable, he shows his beautiful self. He loves chasing things and is very good at catching frisbees and balls, but not good at returning them to the thrower! He is very playful, and a great rooooo-er. His beautiful white face and white eyelashes give the impression that he is an old dog, but he has a youthful playfulness and personality. Sage’s superpower is his personality. He is fun, loving, cheeky, a food enthusiast, gentle, a fabulous napper, and he’s also very well mannered. He is a love bug! He needs a home without cats or small animals. His favorite place to be is beside his foster mom. He gets along with bigger dogs and some small dogs. He doesn’t need to live with other dogs but needs to have someone home more often than not and to have play dates with other dog friends. He certainly knows when it is breakfast time and supper time. He prefers a calm environment to a busy or loud environment. In Ontario.


female/white and black  DOB: 7/1/2016

Adoption Fee $150 USD

Pikachu is a darling little (45lb) girl who is very well behaved and communicates her needs well. She lived in a home for over five years, but became anxious with the arrival of a new baby.  She is relaxed and happy in her foster home without little humans.  Pikachu is undergoing treatment for arthritis in her legs. The treatments are proving to be very effective, but she will need special food, supplements and care for the rest of her life.  Pikachu is not cat-friendly, but loves to have nice, larger dog friends and will be looking for a family who will provide the care she needs to stay comfortable and happy.  In return, her family will enjoy the love of a super sweet companion. In Michigan.


male/red fawn   DOB: 3/17/2022

Adoption Fee $975 USD

Ruben has just arrived from PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland and is settling into his foster home.  In Ontario.


male/white  DOB: 9/1/2021

Adoption Fee $975 USD

Bond has just arrived from PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland and is settling into his foster home.  In Ontario.


male/white and black  DOB: 2/13/2021

Adoption Fee $975 USD

DJ has arrived from PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland. He is not cat friendly and has a very high prey drive. On walks he is laser focused on finding squirrels and outdoor cats.  He barks at other dogs if they pass by us, unless they are on the other side of the street. Then he whines to get closer. He is amazing in the house. He has never had an accident inside and he whines and goes to the door to tell us he needs to do his business. He has never torn up anything or gotten into to anything he shouldn’t in the house.  He loves squeaky toys and gathers them in his bed for safekeeping. He absolutely loves every human he has met and loves to snuggle with you on the couch and get lots of rubs. He is not food possessive or sleep reactive. He does stairs well. He has not met another dog in the house since we have had him so not sure how he would be living with another dog. He is great alone and has never needed to be crated when we go out. He lays down and sleeps.  He loves to do zoomies in the yard and knows the word “no” when he wants to go into the garden.  In Ontario.


female/black   DOB: 1/17/2019

Adoption Fee $975 USD

Georgia has arrived from PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland. Sweet Georgia Peach is an affectionate, confident girl with a gentle demeanour. Georgia would love nothing more than to have her very own human to lounge and cuddle with – she prefers to be the small spoon.

Georgia is a medium energy lurcher, so she would love an outdoor space to stretch her legs, or a home that will help her maintain her sleek figure and snatched waist with daily walks – she doesn’t like to skip leg day. However, Georgia also does very well keeping herself entertained. She loves squeaky toys, rubber balls and ropes all the same!

Georgia is a quick learner and is eager to please, she responds well to both food and praise. Georgia mastered sit and down in just a few days and is now working on stay and walking nicely on leash.
Georgia does well with children as young as five years old but has not been cat tested. Georgia does not bark, and has not displayed any leash reactivity, in fact, she has been neutral/shy when she has come across other dogs on leash.
One of Georgia’s favourite activities is car rides and she travels well. After an initial adjustment period, she settles quickly when crated and being left home alone.
Of course, none of us are perfect! Georgia has been working on sharing the toys, and the couch with the other two males in the house who she is co-existing well with in all other aspects of doggie life. She wrestles, plays tag and bitey-face particularly well with one of the boys, therefore she would likely be okay as a solo dog in a home, or place in a home with a dog that compliments her personality.

Georgia would also like her potential adopter to know that she absolutely DOES NOT like mint flavoured toothpaste.  In Ontario.


female/black  DOB: 3/14/2021

Adoption Fee $975 USD

Chrissie has arrived from PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland. This girl is the total package! She is affectionate, playful, curious, loyal, and seeks praise and acceptance from her companions. With the help of her furry foster sisters, she has adapted incredibly well to her new life of love and security. Her chocolatey brown eyes say it all. She is loved and she has so much love to give.
Chrissie is an energetic and athletic gal who loves racing through the yard, playing with other dogs, tossing the toys around to herself, and going for long walks, even during the Canadian winter. She can also match the energy of lounging and relaxation. She shines in the presence of other, similarly-sized dogs. She has been around a variety of people and hosted a football watch party, where she stole the show. She will do best in a home with another dog and a human companion who loves being active. In Ontario.