male/white and black  5 yr

Adoption Fee $625

Oreo is a greyhound who came to MCGR from Candy Cane Rescue.  He is a very friendly boy, fun, playful and confident.  Oreo is a little too playful for cats and small dogs, but very much enjoys the company of medium to large dogs.  He is happily learning the ropes of being a pet in his foster home.  



 male/black   6yr

Adoption Fee $625

Chase came to us from Candy Cane Rescue in China where he was rescued out of the meat trade. He is a very nice boy, although not safe around cats.Chase is playful, loves people and seeks their attention. He is very sociable and does well with bigger sized dogs after a proper introduction.  Chase is very well behaved around the house and perfectly housetrained and very good and respectful of the family greyhound.


female/fawn with white  3 yr

Adoption Fee $625

Peggy is on medical hold.  She is an Italian greyhound who came to MCGR from Candy Cane Rescue in Beijing.  She is a sweet little girl whose leg had to be amputated after she was found and rescued.  She is good with other dogs and cats and loves to be carried and cuddled.


 female/black   DOB: 1/24/2013

Adoption Fee $275

Ethel is a greyhound mix who was in a shelter for five years.  She is learning the joys of being a loved pet in her foster home. Ethel is a shy girl who is coming out of her shell,but still finds things outside to be scary.  She is playful, silly and cuddly with her foster family.



female/fawn  3 yr

Adoption Fee $625

Poppet came to us from Candy Cane Rescue in China where she was rescued out of the meat trade. She is a petite and very happy, very playful girl. Her foster mom says that she is equal parts energy and affection.  Poppet loves all people and children, but may be too active for small children.  She has done very well with other dogs and tries hard to get them to play with her.  Poppet would love a family with no cats, who will play and include her in their activities.


female/brindle  DOB: 6/19/2010

Adoption Fee $275

Maize has been a very good girl in her foster home.  She gets along well with the other dogs and is playful and loving.


female/red  DOB: 12/9/2014

Adoption Fee $275

Ivy is a super sweet girl.   She is very loving with people and enjoys the attention the provide.  She has been a good girl and is good with other dogs, just no cats for her.  Ivy would prefer to have another dog in her home for companionship.



male/white with brindle  DOB: 6/28/2014

Adoption Fee $275

Grady is getting settled into his foster home.  He is a very nice boy.  Good with other dogs and cats.  


 male/black   2 yr

Adoption Fee $625

Champ is a greyhound who came to MCGR from Candy Cane Rescue in Beijing.  He is an average size male and a very nice boy.  No cats or small dogs for him, though! He is doing well learning the rules of his foster home and he really enjoys fun adventures with his foster dad.  


 male/light brindle   DOB 1/23/2008

Adoption Fee $150

Sammy is an older boy who lost his front leg due to a break but he is going very well on three legs.  He is a sweet boy who gets along with all of the other dogs he has met and has no interest in the cats in his foster home.  Sammy is very affectionate and loves meeting people of all sizes and ages.