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The Dogs!
These pups are currently in foster care and looking for their forever-home.
(Be sure to also read the Happy Tails of our hounds who have been adopted.)
Flat Out Oswald
male/black  DOB: 9/15/2011

Oswald is a delightful, but shy boy who is coming out of his shell in his foster home.  He does great with the cats and the other dogs in his home.  Smaller, more active dogs seem to make him anxious.  Same with children.  He has been wary of smaller, active or loud children, but he has enjoyed interacting with older children who are calm and respectful.  Oswald walks great on leash and loves walks and car rides and visits.  He is a very sweet and sensitive boy who will do best with another dog and in a low-key family who is home more often.
Prairie Trail
male/white with brindle  DOB: 1/1/2012

Prairie Trail adjusted quickly.  His foster mom says that he is amazing.  He listens well and is a very good dog.  He enjoys playing with the other greyhound in his foster home and would prefer to have a larger canine companion in his forever home. He is a little too interested in small dogs and cats.  Although a little timid when first meeting new people, he warms up fast. 
male/black  DOB:  7/13/2014

Joe is doing wonderfully in his foster home.  He is a bit of a shy boy, but he enjoys people, needing just a little more time to warm up to men than women.  Joe will do best with a family who has patience to let him settle in and he will do best with another dog in the home for companionship. 
Jax Tuff It Tim
male/black  DOB: 6/20/2013

Tim is a happy and playful boy.  He loves everyone and has been great with the dogs he has met as well as the cats in his foster home.  He loves to snuggle and lay his head on a lap and he is usually found sleeping on his back with legs in the air He quickly learned the family routines and will be a nice addition to a forever family.

Hashtag Marana
female/red  DOB: 7/10/2014

I  have just arrived! 
 DKC Chicky
female/black  DOB: 1/28/2015

I have just arrived
 Centex Valor
male/black DOB: 3/17/2014

I have just arrived!
CRT Bonnie
female/fawn  DOB: 2/11/2009

I have just arrived!
Nitro Keepsake
female/red brindle  DOB: 6/6/2008

I have just arrived!
Stingray Malcome
male/brindle  DOB: 4/22/2014

I have just arrived!
  AMF Barely There
female/brindle  DOB: 7/27/2015

I have just arrived! 
 Atascocita Katya
female/black  DOB: 4/13/2014

I have just arrived!
 Dr Zoolander
male/ white with black  DOB: 7/1/2014

I have just arrived!
 East Boston Boy
male/white with brindle  DOB: 6/28/2014

I have just arrived!
 HS Maverick
male/brindle DOB: 10/14/2014

I have just arrived!
 LNB Hot Pepper
female/red  DOB: 12/9/2014

I have just arrived!
 Oshkosh Israel
male/brindle  DOB: 5/12/2015

I have just arrived!
 Pat C Sin City
female/red  DOB: 11/6/2014

I have just arrived!
 RC Mitch
male/red  DOB: 12/13/2014

I have just arrived!
TNT Talent Scout
male/black  DOB: 1/17/2015

I have just arrived! 


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