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The Dogs!
These pups are currently in foster care and looking for their forever-home.
(Be sure to also read the Happy Tails of our hounds who have been adopted.)
male/black  DOB:  7/13/2014

Joe is doing wonderfully in his foster home.  He is a bit of a shy boy, but he enjoys people, needing just a little more time to warm up to men than women.  Joe will do best with a family who has patience to let him settle in and he will do best with another dog in the home for companionship. 
 DKC Chicky
female/black  DOB: 1/28/2015

Chicky is described as a love but who likes to be close to people.  She curls up right next to whoever happens to be sitting nearest to her.  Although not cat friendly, she loves to hang out with the female grey in the house.  Chicky is a playful girl, very good in the crate and is not possessive about her space or things.  She is a good girl who is ready for her forever home.

 Dr Zoolander
male/ white with black  DOB: 7/1/2014

Dr Zoolander is a happy and healthy boy.  He is a little timid when first meeting people, but he warms up quickly and his foster parents say that he is a real love bug who especially loves belly rubs.  It has been determined that Zoolander is blind in one eye, but it does not affect his ability to get around.  He loves going for walks and plays with toys.  He has been known to sneak slippers or shoes to his bed, but he never ever chews on them.  Zoolander is not cat-safe, but he gets along great with larger dogs.
 Pat C Sin City
female/red  DOB: 11/6/2014

female/red  DOB: 4/14/2014

Lonnie is a happy, happy, happy girl!  She came to MCGR with a badly broken leg which, unfortunately, could not be repaired and required amputation.  She is healing well and getting along remarkably as a tri-pawd.  Nothing can damper this girl's spirit! Lonnie runs and plays with the family greyhounds and runs the fence with the neighbor dogs.  However, she is not to be trusted around cats.  Lonnie loves everyone big and small and always greets people happily.
Keeper Spot On
male/white with black  DOB: 3/15/2015

Keeper is a keeper!  He is a happy and healthy boy.  He is housetrained and lets his family know when he needs to go out.  He does well in his crate and plays and shares nicely with the other greyhounds in his foster home.  Keeper loves people and is soooo happy to met anyone and everyone.  All this boy needs is someone to make him "forever!"
Kay Make a Deal
female/red fawn  DOB: 11/14/2014 

Kay is a very sweet, playful and cuddly little girl.  She loves to be close to people and is a great lap dog.  She is extremely affectionate.  She would not do well with cats, but would enjoy any other dog that would play with her.  She has not met children yet, but she has loved all the people she has met so far. 
 Maria Bonita
female/white with brindle ticking  DOB: 6/26/2014

Maria is a super sweet and affectionate girl.  She has an injury to her leg which requires surgery.  She is on medical hold.
Turbo Kelley
female/red  DOB: 3/3/2014 

Turbo Kelly is just fantastic!  She settled in completely within a couple of days, is eating great, crates well when needed, loves treats, walks, squeaky toys and is eager to give and receive love.  She is a curious and playful girl who gets along great with the other female greyhound in her home.  They love to play chase and Turbo Kelley loves to be the one getting chased. She has also been very good with other breeds of dogs that she has met while on walks.  No cats for this one though! Turbo Kelly is a smart girl and a very good girl.  She will be a wonderful addition to a forever home.
GB's  Sister Pat
female/dark brindle  DOB: 7/14/2014 
Neon Lights
female/white with black  DOB: 10/27/2012 
 You Should Know
female/white with red fawn  DOB: 7/25/2013
Keeper Urusla
female/red  DOB: 10/7/2013 
XKT Mutual Fund
male/white with black  DOB: 11/27/2014 
JS Rubbinnralin
male/black  DOB: 7/1/2015 
XK Aboveenbeyond
male/red  DOB:  4/3/2013 

Aboveenbeyond is settling in very nicely to his foster home.  He has been a good boy, not one accident, he is comfortable and good in his crate and he learned the stairs very quickly.  He has not met any children yet, but he has been friendly with everyone that he has met.  Aboveenbeyond tested very well with the cats and is living harmoniously with small dogs.


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