male/black  DOB:  7/13/2014

Joe is doing wonderfully in his foster home.  He is a bit of a shy boy, but he enjoys people, needing just a little more time to warm up to men than women.  Joe will do best with a family who has patience to let him settle in and he will do best with another dog in the home for companionship. 

AMF Just Barely

female/brindle  DOB: 7/27/2015

Maggie is a sweet and well behaved girl. She is a little shy when in new situations, but she loves people and loves the company of her family. She gets along great with cats and other dogs and will prefer a home where there is the company of another larger dog and a family who is not away for a long day.

Killer Shadow

female/black  DOB: 12/17/2012 

Ruby is a fun, playful and friendly girl.  She loves, loves, loves people and she does great with the greyhound in her foster home, although she is not good with cats.  She will do well in a home with another large dog for play and companionship.


male/black  DOB: 1/1/2009 

Henry is a galgo from Galgos Del Sol in Spain.  His foster dad says that he has settled in great and is an all-around wonderful dog to have in the house.  although us gets a little nervous when in a new place, he figures everything out quickly and is very adaptable.  Henry is extremely affectionate and just wants to be wherever people will be with him. He is great with kids and other dogs. Given the choice, he would prefer to stick himself to his foster dad rather than another dog and, as such, he can get a bit lonely and whine some if left alone.  Henry is a sweet boy who has learned that roaching brings on belly rubs. 



male/brindle DOB: 11/1/2014

Brooklyn is a galgo from Galgos Del Sol in Spain.  His foster dad says that he is an absolute joy to have around.  Energetic, curious, loves toys and likes to be in the center of whatever is going on. Initially shy, he warms up to women quickly and takes longer with men, but he is quite the snuggler when he does.  He likes body contact with his foster dad and the other greys in the home.  Brooklyn would do very well in an active household with lots of playtime and attention from people and other dogs.


male/brindle DOB: 1/1/2015

Toby is a galgo from Galgos Del Sol in Spain.  He loves people and dogs a lot and was a superstar at a recent meet and greet. He is a quirky, gentle, sweet goofball. Toby is incredibly nosy and likes to spy on the neighbors through the crack in the fence.  He enjoys long walks and even jogs and he loves his zoomies too. Toby nicely shares the bed with his greyhound sister, but also enjoys his alone time with a nap upstairs by himself. Toby will curl up like a little armadillo on the couch and is ok with a small yard, especially if there is a sunbeam in which to lay.  He then pretends that he cannot hear his foster mom calling!

Maria Bonita

female/white with brindle ticking  DOB: 6/26/2014

Maria is a super sweet and affectionate girl.  She is on medical hold.

A Sweet Finish

female/brindle  DOB: 11/22/2008