You may be wondering…                                                                                                                                              

What is a galgo? Galgos are a breed of dog often referred to as Spanish greyhounds. They have a similar nature and appearance to greyhounds, but are from a different lineage than the racing greyhound.  Galgos are used in Spain for hunting and hare coursing.  Unfortunately they are over bred and many thousands are abandoned, killed or otherwise discarded by their owners, often in brutal ways, at the end of the hunting season each February. 

What is the galgo personality like? Like greyhounds, galgos are generally calm, quiet and laid back.  They are curious and loving, forming tight bonds with their human families

What is a podenco? Podenco means hound. These dogs are also used for hunting and hare coursing in Spain. There are a variety of breeds of podenco in Spain that are rescued by Galgos Del Sol and find homes in the US and Canada through the efforts of MCGR. 

What is the podenco personality like? Podencos are sometimes referred to as quirky clowns.  They, too, are curious dogs and very sweet, gentle and loving.

Are there special requirements for keeping a galgo or podenco?  Galgos and podencos have a greater propensity for jumping and could more easily get over a fence.  Therefore, a secure fence of at least 5’6″-6′ is required for a fenced yard.  They can also be adopted by families without a fenced yard who are committed to always taking their dogs out on lead. They love to take walks and some may enjoy becoming a jogging partner.


Why dogs from China? Racing greyhounds from several countries around the world have been sold by their owners to people in China who then use them for racing and breeding.  There are no animal welfare laws to protect these dogs nor are there any adoption programs to help them once they are no longer wanted for racing/breeding practices. In fact in most locales in China, it is illegal to keep a large dog as a pet. These dogs and their offspring often end up in the meat trade where they will be tortured and killed for their meat.  Rescue workers in China work tirelessly to save dogs off of the meat trucks and out of the slaughterhouses.  Rescue groups around the world have opened their arms to receive these dogs and get them into loving homes. Candy Cane Rescue rehabilitates the sighthounds pulled from these horrible conditions and prepares them for travel out of China and to safety.

Are the Chinese dogs greyhounds? Some tattooed greyhounds have been pulled out of slaughterhouses.  Other dogs are those who have been bred from greyhounds.  Some are mixed sighthound breeds.  So in addition to greyhounds, we receive smaller greyhound mixes as well as whippets.

What is a Wadi dog? Wadi dogs come from the country of Oman.  These dogs are believed to be descended from Salukis, but over time have become mixed with other breeds and the name Wadi dog now refers to the many homeless street dogs that inhabit Oman. Adoption opportunities for these dogs are limited in Oman and, if the dogs are considered a nuisance, they are often shot. Muscat Dog Adoption works to rescue injured or abandoned dogs off the streets and home them in Muscat or overseas. MCGR is working with Muscat Dog Adoption to help find loving, permanent homes for these lovely dogs. Wadi dogs are great all-around dogs. They are loving, loyal, friendly, sweet and playful.

How are the dogs with children?  The dogs we receive are typically wonderful with well-behaved children who respect dogs and know how to treat them properly.   Just like any dog, some will do better with children than others and we take this into consideration as we match dogs to their potential family.
Can they live with cats?  Yes!  Some dogs cannot live with cats at all, but most of them can live quite harmoniously with indoor cats.  We do test our foster dogs for cat friendliness and foster them with cats when we can.  Should you adopt, we will advise you regarding the introduction of your dog to your cat.

What does it cost to adopt a dog from MCGR?  The adoption fee is $975.00 and $250.00 for dogs age eight and older. This fee helps us to defray some of our cost for the initial vetting as well as transportation expenses.

What is a martingale collar?  This type of collar was designed for sighthounds.  Because of their narrow heads, buckle collars can easily slip off of a greyhound.  The martingale is soft and comfortable.  When in use it will snuggle up around the neck to prevent it from slipping off.

Can I take my sighthound off-leash?  Only in a completely and soundly fenced-in area. By its nature, a sighthound may focus on and take off after something interesting in the far distance and become injured or lost. Never ever take a chance on unleashing your sighthound in an unfenced area.

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