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Even More Happy Tails
  Jax Godiva
female/brindle with white  DOB: 5/24/2010

From Bella's Family:  When our daughter fostered Bella it did not take long for her to race into our hearts. Everyone says this, but she really is the "sweetest, happiest, loving" girl. Bella has settled in nicely and is learning some commands. She loves meeting new people on our walks (I'm sure its because of all the attention she gets). I think she would stand next to you forever as long as she is getting a full body scratch. We love Bella so much and are grateful that she chose us to be her family. 

From Bella:  My new name is Bella. My family says it means beautiful. They are pretty smart, so it must be true. I give lots of smiles when my family walks in the door and when they come down to my level, I like to give them hugs. My family says I'm quite the character- it might have something to do with the fact that when my mom hits the snooze on the alarm, I have to pull her covers off to remind her that its breakfast time. I have lots of new toys that I'm learning to play with. I love going for walks and running in my backyard. I love my new home and my new forever family! 
Par Faye Design
female/fawn  DOB: 2/23/2010
  Mo's Prankster
male/red  DOB: 1/17/2011
Teddy is a shy, sweet boy who fits in perfectly with our family.  He has a healthy respect for the family cats and won’t eat where the cat can observe him!  Teddy loves to play with his stuffed dragons and bunnies and will air snap when he is having fun while playing or zooming around the yard.  He will gladly jump in the car to go for an adventure but still needs a little help going up the stairs (although he goes down like a champ – living up to his Prankster racing name).  He loves to listen to stories read by his kid and to go for a short run with his mom, who he pulls for the first half and she pulls him for the second half!  Teddy was so glad to meet his sister Pebbles at the MCGR picnic! We didn’t know how much we all needed a dog and are so glad Teddy is ours!

  Kiowa Cherry Joe
male/light fawn  DOB: 2/5/2012

My name is Marmaduke ("Duke").  Actually, this name started as a "human funny" when I hopped off the hauler from Florida because I was so big and kinda look like a Great Dane.  I found my forever home with my new best Greyhound buddy, Bolt.
There are 5 humans and 4 cats that live with me so I am never bored.  I go for lots and lots of walks and it's always an adventure because of all the new people I meet.  People ask lots of questions about me and Bolt.  I have endless energy and am always up for fun and excitement.  I actually smile when my family talks to me, it's part of my charm.  I found my way to everyone's heart in my new family, especially a very sweet little girl named Skyler.  

  Kiowa Senior
male/black  DOB: 11/23/2011

Sid is a sweet and confident boy who likes to greet visitors with a big smile.
His favourite things are walks, cookies, his pink ball that holds cookies inside, and dinner time.  He also loves to run really fast in his big yard.  He gets along great with his sister Penny, and likes to be at her side at all times.  Sid loves to collect anything he can find in the house, such as a glove, a shoe, a sock or towel to bring back to his cushion.  Outside, he loves to visit the next door neighbour, in the hopes that he will get a cookie, as well as lounging in the back of the mini van with the door open for a good view.  After a busy day of walking, playing with Penny and chasing squirrels, Sid is ready to doze off for the night so he can be ready to start over again the next morning.

Super Guy
male/brindle  DOB: 8/20/2010

From my forever family...
Joining our family a couple of months ago, Super Guy is our big handsome 74lb. boy who took the family by delight.  Experiencing a Grey for the first time we were charmed by his quiet, sweet demeanor and sometimes we call him our Shy Guy.  We didn't change his name because he is just that...a Super Guy and the name fits him perfectly.  He looks forward to his morning walks on the wooded trails and the interesting smells along the way.  We had never experienced a dog that walks on leash as well as Super Guy.  What a treat for us, his owners!  His favorite pastime, though, is chow time, including frequent treats during the day!  Next up is sleeping and petting.  They are also both high on his list of favorite things to do!  He is quiet and friendly around family and friends and keeps one eye open when the grandchildren are around!  Thank you Jeff and Onya for fostering him and MCGR for the opportunity to adopt this Super Duper Guy!
  Backwood Kaitlin
female/fawn brindle DOB: 6/19/2010

Backwood Kaitlin's new name is Maize. We have had her for a month and are completely smitten with her!  While she can be a bit shy at first, she is very sweet and will warm up to new people within a few hours.  She loves her owners and when either of them return home from work, she prances around at their feet and nips the air to show her excitement.  Her favorite things to do are play with her many stuffed toys, chase the wildlife in the backyard, go on walks with some dog friends she's made in our neighborhood and relax on her big fluffy bed.   

  JC's Birch
female/black  DOB:  5/28/2012

From Brooke...
You can call me Brooke now.  I live with Luke and his family.  Word had it that Luke was looking for a buddy to show him the ropes.  I knew this was the place for me.  The message was Luke was having trouble learning how to go on walks, he was shy and uncertain.  Within a week we now have Luke trotting around the block usually leading the way and me trying to keep up.  Luke also has some cool toys he never used.  I am now showing him what to do with them. 

And this from Brooke's family...
Brooke is as sweet and lovable as you would expect.  From the time Brooke met Luke you could see an immediate bond.  Never a moment they are not within reach of each other.   Brooke always greets with a kiss and a nip in return for a neck rub.   She is easy going and patient as Luke is learning.    Brooke is friendly and likes to meet the other dogs and people in the neighborhood.  However, she is also able to recognize if there is trouble coming.  She has a bark and growl that will warn and has taught Luke the same.  As much as Brooke is a bit more spunky than Luke she has also adapted to some of Luke's relaxing techniques. 

  Jax Garfield
male/brindle  DOB: 5/24/2010

Garfield is such a joy to have!  It’s very true when people say they didn’t rescue the greyhound, that the greyhound rescued them.  He has such a calm demeanour about him, yet he can get as playful as a puppy sometimes (only for a short period of time of course).  Like any dog, he is always excited for meal time, however, at times feels the need to remind me with a gentle “Roooo”.  He absolutely loves car rides and especially enjoys children.  He has just recently discovered squeaky tennis balls and I’m sure will never look back!

  JC's Drift Along
male/ white with fawn  DOB: 8/16/2011

J.C's Drift Along is a foster failure. His new name is Zander. Zander is a very sweet vocal boy. Zander lets his needs be known. Zander came to MotorCity Greyhound Rescue with serious dry eye issues. MotorCity Greyhound Rescue went way beyond the call and got Zander medical treatment. We are very thankful to MCGR for all they have done for Zander and for bringing this wonderful greyhound into our lives. We love Zander and all of our dogs with a passion. 

  Flying Maximus
male/white and red brindle DOB: 1/8/2011

Flying Maximus is happily settled in his new home and now we call him Murphy.  My husband says petting Murphy is a full time job!  Murphy is a very sweet, laid back and happy love sponge.  He stays very close to his people and his new greyhound brother, Rufus, often sitting on our feet or standing against us.  He loves to play with toys, especially soft, squeaky things.  He enjoys walks and walks very well on lead...until he sees a squirrel!  He’s well behaved and is learning more commands for even better behaviour.  Murphy is a constant reminder to relax, be happy and love everybody...just the way he does! 
  Flying Refaeli
female/brindle  DOB: 12/16/2010

 We adopted a second Greyhound from Motor City in June this year and love seeing the 2 girls form a relationship.
I didn't think that there could be any sweeter Grey than Piper,  but Callie (Flying Rafeali) is certainly in the running for the sweetest dog!!  She loves walks and ‎her toys. She will throw them in the air herself if you don't throw them for her!! 
She is a beautiful brindle colour and had a long racing career, but is very much enjoying retirement. 
We love this breed of dogs and someone always stops on our walks to ask about them!!
Hopefully they get used to our Canadian winters!!
Karen and Joe and family.
  FA Slew Foot
female/brindle  DOB: 5/7/2012
Lilli and I have finally reached an agreement and things are going much better for both of us.  She has promised that if I leave NOTHING at all, ANYWHERE that she can get it, she will not chew or eat it.  This includes bananas, bread, nectarines, whole watermelons (left  in the kitchen sink), paint pans and rollers left on the kitchen counter ( we are still working on getting the paint off her toenails).  If I LOCK the dishwasher, not just close the door, she will not open the door and remove the dishes to lick clean.  
She refuses to budge on flowers though, she walks along the driveway eating the morning glories off the vines and seems to think they are part of her namesake.
She has really turned the corner on walking. I started taking her very early in the AM like 6 AM when it is quiet and less traffic and she enjoyed those walks so much she will now go with me and the girls anytime.  She almost never  'freezes ' on these walks and lets almost everyone pet her. Earlier this week the 2 yr old boy down the street walked her for 2 blocks with us and she walked with him like a champ even though he is smaller than she is!  We have a long way to go and she will never be a meet and greet dog but she is adorable and loving and I would not trade her for the world, not least not this week!!

  Jax Lupi
female/fawn  DOB:12/27/2010 

Lupi has completely taken over our hearts and home. Little bits of her personality come out more and more every day. She is the quintessential example of the couch potato greyhound...only on her floor pillows. She hasn't mastered jumping on the couch yet. She loves to just lay around, especially if we're willing to join her on the floor. Wherever we are in the house is where she wants to be. And she goes bananas when we come home--she does play-downs, spins in circles, jogs loops around the coffee table, it's pretty funny. Once in a while she does zoom-zooms in the backyard, especially if she's already worked up about us coming home. It's pretty awesome to watch. She has mastered jumping in our Blazer and gotten her "car legs" so she loooves car rides. She is a hoarder in the truest sense of the word. She doesn't necessarily want to *play* with her toys, but she wants them near her. And not just toys...wrist braces, ski hats, gloves, whatever she can find. She seems happy, and we think she is. Lupi has made us a full fledged pack, and we have MCGR to thank for bringing us together, they are now part of our pack too!
  Gina's Hoser
male/black DOB: 5/19/2012

  Hanks Seeing Red
female/red DOB: 12/18/2011
In recognition of her beautiful fawn color, Hanks Seeing Red now goes by the name "Penny."  Penny is a perfect match for our family!  We see her personality come out more and more each day.  Penny's favorite things are food, squirrels, walks, napping on the couch, and attention and pets from humans.  These pictures show Penny enjoying some of her favorite pastimes: looking for squirrels in the backyard, playing with the squirrel toy she picked out at the pet store, and being cute!

Astar Shesa Lady
female/brindle DOB: 11/28/2011
Chase Dacardinal
female/black brindle DOB: 9/27/2011
  Mo's Yolo
female/white and red DOB: 1/17/2011

Mo’s new name is Pebbles. “Pebbly-Poo” can be described in one word – A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! She is a very gentle soul who loves her people with her whole being. Despite being very petite, she has the biggest smile of any of the greyhounds we have owned. Her overbite and clown nose make her simply irresistible! She has started doing pogo stick jumps when her Daddy comes in from work each day. Her super sweet nature just invites you fawn all over her. She gets along very well with her sisters Molly and Darby. All three girls make quite a visual statement on their daily walks. Pebbles has also learned to play with the many toys in the house. We love her more than anyone can know! 

  Jessica Alba
female/white with brindle  DOB: 4/30/2010 

Hi everyone , my new name is Aoife (EE fuh) Mom is Irish is that means beauty in Irish, and mom tells me it is the perfect name for me, but dad calls me puppy girl a lot. I was excited to find a toy box full of stuffies and squeaky toys all for me, and dad bought me a special stuffed bunny which is my favorite. I didn’t like the stairs at my new home at first, but I got them down now. I have a big back yard that is just perfect for zoomies, and I get to go on two walkies every day to a park full of squirrels and bunnies which I like a lot! I overheard mom telling grandma she loved me ever so much, and I have had a lot of visitors. So I think I’m popular!!! Mom and Dad are so happy to have me, I am glad I picked them. Don’t tell, but dad slips me extra treats when mom isn’t looking. Here is a picture of me waiting to go for a walk, and a picture of me napping with my bunny dad got me.

Dakotas Manford
male/ white with brindle DOB: 6/23/2011 

We always thought our first greyhound, Winnipeg, was one in a million. Then we met Manny. He has been the sweetest, most well behaved dog. He fits right in with our family -even the cats love him. He still struggles with walking on our hardwood floors and as a result, we have discovered that he is very talented at walking backwards all around the house! He enjoys running laps around the backyard with his "big sister", taking naps with everyone and waking us up for breakfast with big, wet kisses.  

Alice Tubbs
female/brindle DOB: 12/17/2009 
male/brindle DOB: 12/29/2011
PG Bone Cruncher
male/brindle DOB: 10/3/2009

Hobbes has brought so much light into my little home. He has an old soul that soothes everyone he comes in contact with. He is the best big brother for my little, timid Italian Greyhound, Luca. They lend each other confidence, and cuddle up to each other daily. Hobbes' favourite activity is ripping around my backyard (with Luca trying to keep up!) and gazing out the bay window at the lake.
A month after I received Hobbes, I knew he had something special that needed to be shared. I took him for a 3 hr temperament test with Therapeutic Paws of Canada, and he passed with flying colours! He is the only greyhound on the therapy team (a shame!) and will be visiting hospitals and retirement homes to share his gentle view on life.
I am so indebted to MCGR for placing such a sweet dog with me, and appreciate the time they took to find the perfect dog for Luca and I. 

A Star In A Limo
female/fawn DOB: 12/2/2011

Piper has been with our family for a month now and has fit right in!! As you can see , she has made herself quite comfortable!! She had troubles with the stairs at our house for a few days but now races up and down as fast as she can when its breakfast time!! She is very playful and has got quite a personality. She loves to walk and her squeaky toys.
Piper is a beautiful dog and sooo sweet. We love her soo much!! Thanks to the volunteers and Motorcity Greyhounds for rescuing this beautiful dog and letting us make her a part of our family-which includes 17 and 14 year old girls and a son aged 11. Awesome dog:) 
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.

 Kaias Red Oak
female/red DOB: 4/21/2011
E's Fusileer
male/fawn DOB: 12/11/2011

Hi my adopted name is Sam! I have settled into my new home and am enjoying time with my two feline brothers Rafiki and Nathari as well as my two human friends. My humans have spoiled me with four comfy beds, too many toys to count, and lots of treats. It seems as if all they think I do is sleep, play, and eat....oh....wait.....that's all I do! I love going to the dog park and running in the snow, playing with my toys, but most of all I LOVE sleeping. I must be a real good looker because everyone always asks about me or wants to talk to my humans while I'm around. The humans were worried about me at first with the stairs in their home but I quickly mastered the stairs and now I beat them up and down the stairs every time we go outside. I love my new home and my new family.  

  Gabby's Gloria
female/brindle DOB: 5/22/2011 
Hi everyone!! My new name is Mya and I love my new forever home with my big brother Chase aka “Nacelle”.
Mya is the sweetest girl around! She loves to cuddle and cannot resist a good belly rub. She absolutely adores running through a fresh layer of snow in the backyard. This is funny since she is from Florida!! Mya is independent and can hold her own even though she is much smaller than her brother Chase. She loves to play any time of day…morning, noon, or night! But at the same time she can be playing one minute and sleeping the next! She creates a bond with everyone she meets and is such a loyal and sweet companion for our family.

  Mad Holy Moses
male/ fawn brindle DOB: 9/2/2011

Bailey joined our family almost two years after our last greyhound, Topher, passed. It is a joy to see the differences between our two boys. While Topher was stoic and quiet, Bailey is a bit more playful and vocal. He enjoys rolling and rooing with his many squeaky toys! I'm sure he looks forward to warmer weather so he can spend more time on his true passion, long explorative walks around Detroit!
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.
male/brindle DOB: 3/18/2009

Miles, as he is now known, is doing great! We have had him about three months now and he just turned five last month. He is very much enjoying retirement and is quite the couch potato. It took him awhile to adjust to apartment life with the elevator and noises but once we finally got him on the couch so he can snuggle he settled right in. He is very affectionate and it seems will stand still for an hour just to be pet. Even though he can be quite stubborn we are working with him to learn some commands and how to walk better on the leash. The winter weather is not his favourite so we can't wait to shake the winter weather and spend some time outside with our new best friend. 
In just a few months he has made our lives so full and happy, we just love him to pieces. 
Hanks Steppinout
male/ white with brindle DOB: 5/13/2010
 Erins Joy
female/red DOB: 12/23/2009

I am now Rosie...

From the moment we brought Rosie home it felt like she was immediately part of our family. She was cautious with us at first as you would imagine having just been taken off the track a few short months before. As she has gotten used to being a house pet, loved by her new family, she has come a long way. She initially had separation anxiety however with some helpful hints from people in the MCGR and some persistence she is staying on her own for up to 4 to 5 hrs. It is also great to see Rosie starting to show her personality!  She shows interests in toys (now that she knows what toys are!) loves to have her "hyper time" in the back yard and of course a good nap or four a day never hurt a greyhound. We couldn't be happier with Rosie. Thanks for all your support :)
Seegold Lenox
female/brindle DOB: 11/16/2007
  AMF Can Do
male/black DOB: 10/22/2010

Onyx is settling in wonderfully! He does my multitude of stairs brilliantly thanks to his foster family (Diane, Paul & their houndies) for teaching him. He loves to stretch out and sleep on the bed with me at night and my queen sized bed suddenly seems like a cot!  He is getting to like his toys and LOVES his hedgehog and squeaky reindeer.  He sits, cockroaches and hogs the couch from day one! We are working on sitting when being asked, learning his new name and trying to learn to not lick mommy's coffee lids!  Even though it has only been a few days, he is doing really well and I cannot imagine life without my beautiful, loving boy!  I cannot thank MCGR (especially Erika!) enough for helping us find each other!
female/fawn DOB: 4/2012 

Jade is a cute, energetic puppy who plays with anything, including shoes and other things she shouldn't play with. She pays with ropes, kongs, balls and her own feet. She seduced her foster mom into adopting her. She follows me around, and enjoys "talking" with moans and groans of pleasure when she lays down. She joins tour family which includes the seven year old grey who isn't quite sure how to play, the two cats (who she ignores) and the other grey who is still a foster. Lovely girl!
 Ozark Diamond
female/brindle DOB: 9/11/2007

This is what my forever-dad thinks of me...

Diamond is doing great.  I can't believe how sweet she is.  She loves to have her belly rubbed.  She lays on her back with her paws up and wants a belly rub.
She is the first female greyhound I have adopted.  The other two greyhounds, Damascus and Clayton, were males.  They were great greyhounds, but not as sweet as Diamond.
  Dolce Vita
female/brindle DOB: 9/16/2010 

Dolce Vita, who is now known as "Nyla", is loving her new forever home! She loves bones in any shape and size, doesn't seem to mind the stairs (or the parakeets!) and is known as "Gandhi" at the dog park. She especially loves little dogs and has a hidden talent for helping others relax! She is still a bit timid, but has discovered that she is big enough to reach the counter top and loves to munch on her Mommy's plants. Nyla is settling in well. We can't imagine life without her big brown eyes and grace. Nyla's favorite time of day is bed time, where she gets tucked in with her favorite blanket! We are so grateful to MotorCity Greyhounds for our new member of the family! 

RWC Juliet
female/brindle DOB: 4/2/2009  
Lok Virsa
male/brindle DOB: 4/29/2011

Luke has melted the hearts of everyone he meets. He truly is a "good boy."  Luke has claimed our sunroom as his own and from there can monitor any activity ( even while sleeping ). He has become my shadow. Even though we have only had Luke for three weeks it feels as though he has been with us forever. Being a Floridian, Luke is having a hard time dealing with the cold, dark, and snow.....even with his coat. Doesn't like to go for a walk. Just stands and takes it all in.  

male/black DOB: 4/5/2009
Hi everyone!! My name is now Chase and I love my new forever home with my beautiful sister Mya aka “Gabby Gloria”!
Chase loves to run and “chase” everything that comes into his backyard! No pun intended of course! He loves to sleep by his owners sides and is very protective. He goes crazy for any kind of toy that squeaks and loves a good treat! Chase enjoys walks around the neighborhood and meeting new friends. He is so strong and yet so gentle. This is our first Greyhound and we could not have asked for anything better. He has become an essential part to our family and we cannot imagine our life without this sweet boy!!

P Kay PowerNap
female/black DOB 10/18/2010
Jax Calvin
male/red brindle DOB: 5/24/2005

Calvin (aka Jax Calvin) is another happily failed foster in our home. We asked for a senior, as we know they are generally harder to place and we had the room. At 8 1/2, we expected Calvin to be laid-back. No one told Calvin this and he is the most energetic and playful Greyhound we have ever had. He is keeping our 5 and 9 year old Greyhounds more youthful. Calvin is an absolute pleasure! 
JAs Super Moon
male/fawn DOB: 5/11/2010

Hello there! My name is Jazz, and I just adopted a new human! We're getting along pretty well, although I'm still training her a bit. I'm so happy to be in this new home, that I can't wait to start my day with her. I like to get her up at 4am sometimes so we can spend that much more time together! I have several soft beds, and many squeaky toys to play with, and a big yard full of squirrels to chase. But it's not all fun and games; I like to earn my keep! I help my human straighten up the house by gathering all her shoes together in a neat pile by my bed. I also help around the kitchen, by making sure no extra food is left on the counters to go to waste. And being the man around the house, it's important that I make sure we're safe. Just last week, I had to protect us from a particularly sinister-looking blanket. And there's a threatening pair of socks lurking in the living room I'm keeping my eye on, as well. My human and I are learning to speak the same language, too. When she says, "Stop jumping!", I know she means,"Jump higher! It's play time!" "Down!" and "Good boy!" means "Cookies!" "Sit" and "Heel" means "Cookies". And "You're so handsome" means she loves me very much. And "Cookies!" I think I'll keep her!

  Bam Burger
male/brindle DOB: 6/23/2010

 Bam Burger is our seventh Greyhound, and we've never had such a well-adjusted dog that fit in so quickly.  Things have certainly changed since we got our first dog back in 1994.  Even our beloved Benny, who was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, did not fit in this well. 

Bam Burger is affectionate and curious, was house broken from the moment he stepped into the house, and only slept in the crate his first night here.  He gets along with our other dogs quite well- he has been a dream come true for Benny, and although Della has been a bit put out at times when Bam Burger takes her favorite spots (even if she's not in them) she's happy that he likes to run with Della and I. 

He is also a very helpful dog.  Yesterday he was helping our daughter make dog treats and he was helped me replace a ball joint on my car. This photo was taken after he had his head right up the fender well with me. (He is on a lead, it's just on the other side.)

We also appreciate that he is a good singer, and has been teaching the other dogs to sing along with him.  He has no idea what excitement Thanksgiving will bring, but we're sure he's going to have a good time traveling to see family.

MB Shorty
male/red brindle DOB: 6/27/10

MB Shorty AKA “Shorty” is an energetic, curious, sweet boy who loves to play with lots of toys, especially ones that make a lot of noises! Shorty loves his new forever home and enjoys his long walks around the neighborhood! Shorty is a fast learner and has already learned how to sit, lay down and give paw after only a short amount of time. Shorty gets along great with the other fosters that he has lived with in his home and loves having someone to play with! He has recently learned how to get on the couch and can’t believe he has been missing out for so long!

Walkabout Sydney
male/white with brindle DOB: 4/8/2009 

I love my new forever home, my mom takes me for walks so I can see my new neighborhood. I have two new sisters that have been showing me all the tricks on how to get treats. Yeah no more crate! I follow my mom and dad everywhere. My dad gets up early to feed and let me out while mom sleeps in. I have lots of soft beds and a huge backyard to run in I'm so glad I found I found my new home.

Slatex TapDancer
female/brindle DOB: 8/31/2007
  JA's Ellsbury
male/brindle DOB: 10/12/2011
  Kenro Annie P
female/brindle DOB: 11/18/2010
Annie's new name is Darby. She has adapted beautifully to our home and is bringing us, and her sister Molly, a lot of joy and laughter each day. She loves her daily walks and making new friends. She's a real cuddler and her loving personality is cherished by everyone.
  Rico's Lou
male/black DOB: 6/22/2010

Just wanted to let you know that Rico’s Lou, but we call him “Rico Suave” is amazing!
He is adjusting well to his new city environment. Toronto can be noisy, but the only thing he really doesn’t like is loud motorcycles.
He doesn’t mind our 2 cats, but they haven’t all curled up together either. He is just starting a 2/day per week outing with a dog walker so that he can become more socialized. He is excellent on the leash and totally loves everyone he meets. He has “happy tail” and the tip bleeds from him whacking it so hard when he first greets you, but a little bit of self adhesive tape from the drug store is working like a charm.
My husband calls him the “chick magnet”, because everyone loves his debonair looks!
He is bringing our house a lot of love!

Easi Lori
female/black DOB: 10/15/2007  
    Hallo Arlene
female/red DOB:6/1/2011

Call me Ruby...

Flying Island
female/brindle DOB: 2/20/2006

I adopted Luna soon after she came to MCGR. She was from a breeding farm - ran 198 races and had four litters. She was very sick when she came. It was determined that she had ingested some kind of toxin. She is doing well now - runs a lap or two in the yard - at 7 she's still fast. Likes a Baby Bel cheese as a treat and occasionally likes to chase a cat around the house, but only for fun. She's my shadow and follows me everywhere. Luna is gentle and sweet. A perfect girl. 
  E's Heatwave
male/white with brindle DOB: 12/12/2010
My name is Bolt. I must say that I am one handsome young gent! I just arrived in my new home in
Toledo, OH. My humans are 2 adults, 3 kids and 4 cats. They love me, for many reasons.
Although my family has only had Collies, I have completely won all of them over with my charm,
wit and happy go lucky attitude. Home, Sweet, Home!
 Atascocita Larue
female/red DOB: 10/6/2010
Jax Crane
male/brindle DOB: 11/6/2009

 Jax has settled in quickly to life as a retiree. He loves his twice daily walks and will let us know when it's time, if we are running a little late. He loves everyone he meets, dog or human and rubs up against you for a bit of attention. Jax is learning more and more everyday about how life as a true dog is supposed to be. He has found his voice and now barks(and wags his tail) when he is excited, especially when mom, dad and big brother come home after work/school. Jax loves the company of his big sister, Princess the dalmation and will lay with her in his bed or on the memory foam rug in the family room. We are just so in love with him and can't remember life without him! Thank you to Motor City Greyhounds for leading Jax to us!
  Flying Haslem
female/red fawn DOB: 8/1/2011

My name is Haley...
I am pleased to tell you Haley is doing great! At first she was very timid, but has really come out of her shell. When we first got her home she stayed really close to our other dog. I tried using her crate the first night, but she did not want anything to do with it. That was fine with me!
She slept next to my old dog all night.
After about a week, I showed her how to get upstairs to my bedroom. And now she snuggles with her new Mommy. She is so sweet and gentle. She seems to be doing much better on her walks with me too! At first she was very afraid of garbage pails on garbage days. We would go to walk by one and she would freeze! She looked just like a "deer in the headlights". A few times I would have to pick her up and move her out from the middle of the road! Now with some yummy treats and Mommys support, she is able to walk by them without freezing up.
We recently went camping and brought the dogs too! Haley loved all the attention she received from all my family members. And from their dogs too! I even brought Haley to the beach! At first she was not too sure about the waves and water, but once she seen the other dogs, she followed and had a great time! It was so funny to watch her! Her tail was even out from between her butt!!!
Well, I would just like to finish up by adding that Haley is doing great with us! She is starting to run around in our yard and play more and more! She is so gentle and loving. Her and I have really bonded. I give her "snout kisses" all the time! She seems to enjoy them just as much as me! I love her soooooooo much, and am very glad I decided to adopt a Greyhound! She is a Beautiful girl!
BWG Catalina
female/black DOB: 1/24/2010 
Counting Cars
male/dk. fawn DOB: 9/11/2008

On Sept. 2, 2012 I arrived in Michigan to hopefully find my forever home, since retiring from a track in Florida. Upon arriving, I was taken to a place where I was put in a big square tub, water and a bunch of bubbles was put on my hair. The people doing this kept smiling, talking to me and they called it a bath. I was a little scared at first, but it felt real good because I was getting scrubbed, which felt a little like being petted. I loved all the hugs and attention that I was getting. Then they brought out a little furry thing (cat) in a crate, that I really wanted to get to know, a little too much. So that's how I got to my new foster home. My foster mom had no cats, but a dog named Ward, that almost looked like me. We became best buddies, but he is a little older than I am. On Aug. 2, 2013 my foster mom decided that she could not break us up and decided to keep me and make me her own. I don't like floors without carpeting, so mom has little carpets all over the kitchen for me to walk on. I am not a morning dog, but mom makes me get up and go out before she leaves for work. She doesn't realize that I need my beauty sleep! Before mom leaves for work in the morning, she leaves a pair of pink colored lip prints somewhere on my face, before she gives me the good bye cookie. Even though I don't let mom know, I am treated like a king and am very happy with my new forever family.
Atascocita Keely
female/brindle DOB: 8/1/2005

Well everyone I have found my forever home!  I think I am starting to get spoiled cause I get lots of hugs and pets, and no one ever yells here!  I have a big yard to run in but mom always says "slow down Keeley, the grass is still wet and we don't want any broken bones."  My sister Raven (she's old about 11 I think) is fun to run at and has shown me the ropes of love here.  And she shares her toys with me.  Sometimes I don't see very well but that's ok cause I know mom & dad will take good care of me. Thank you MCGR for taking care of me before I found my forever family.. Love Keeley  
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten
Rebecca Demornay
female/brindle DOB: 5/7/2011

Bex (as she is now known) came home about 2 months ago and adjusted easily. She is a sweet, affectionate, silly, and very smart girl who we just loved immediately. She pretty much just ignores the two cats, even when one of them is always trying to boss her around. She loves going for runs, walks, or on different outings. She is learning to love the car as well as other breeds of dogs (if they're smaller than her or very hyper, she's not too sure about them yet). Bex LOVES being with other greyhounds as well as the training class we take her to (mostly to train us!). She is really starting to learn how to play and cracks us up with the different "toys" she'll proudly bring us from around the house (socks, lint rollers, etc). We just love this girl and can't remember life without her! 
  TNJ Steele
male/red DOB:7/8/05

I came home to mom and dad the first week of July and spent the time with my mom who was on vacation that week. My new dad was home a lot too but it was so cool to get to know mom really good. It is a quiet home with no one else to complete for my attention (I like that) but there are lots of birds and squirrels and cats to watch whey they are gone so I'm not totally alone.
I have a new orthopedic bed they bought me (because I'm old I guess) but then I found the leather couch had my name on it! I only go there when mom and dad are away. I didn't think they knew about this until one day they were looking at me through the window. They weren't mad and said it was OK because they like that couch too! I get great new food like salmon and quinoa. They're healthy parents and I'm happy about that.
I ran a couple of times around my grandfather's yard but realized pretty fast that I'm not as young as I used to be. We just walk now and I'm fine with that.
My foster mom, sister and friends visit regularly and I always look forward to seeing them. I am going to stay with them in a couple of weeks and am really excited about that.
I love my new parents because they love me soooo much! Dad says I've reduced mom's stress by a mile and that mom and dad get to stay home all the time now. I am so happy that my foster mom found me such loving parents. They think I'm a "prince" and guess I feel like one too.
Thank you Erika and MotorCity Greyhound for finding me such a great retirement home.

(Prince) T.J.
Hush Sarah
female/black DOB:4/25/2009
male/black DOB: 9/12/2009

Hello! My name is Bosco. My mom and dad named me that because of a Seinfeld episode that my dad loves. Seinfeld is my dad's favourite show. My parents spoil me all the time. They are always buying me new toys and my mom even bought me a Toronto Maple Leafs doggy jersey in which we surprised my dad with on his birthday. I follow my mom and dad everywhere they go, especially my mom though because she is home more often. I hate when they leave me home alone however I am getting used to it. Things are great now and enjoying life as a retired racer. Thanks mom and dad!

JA's Besta Breed
male/red fawn DOB: 11/24/2008

Hello, my name is Freedom. My mama named me that because I am now free. I love my new home. I have a brother and a sister, Gracie and Ozzie. One looks like me and the other one is really big. (great pyrenees)  I have been really good. Mama says I do nothing wrong and I don't.  I love to lay on the deck with my comforter and a pillow.  I have a great big yard to run in with my sister and brother.  Mama tucks me in bed at night.  I have never had to be in my crate because I'm so good.  I thought I had died, because this is heaven.  Thank you for saving me MCGR.  Love, Freedom 

Toledo Mike
male/brindle DOB: 10/9/2009

I am now Bandit and this is what my forever-family says about me...
Bandit has been a wonderful addition to our family. We all just love him. He has adjusted well to our home and has been a very good boy. He is extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle and be petted. Although he has a lot of toys the the one thing he enjoys the most is his daily walk. He will even gently remind us if we forget to take him. Now that the summer is here he likes to go with us to watch our boys play baseball and he makes sure everyone gets a chance to pet him. Like I said he enjoys attention. We all hope he is as happy to be with us as we are to be with him.
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.
KL's Arreba
female/red DOB: 8/24/10

Reba has settled very nicely into her new home with her big brother, Rummy (another greyhound), and her little sister, EllieMae (kitty). Reba loves to go for her daily walks and is especially fond of the neighborhood children and dogs of all sizes. She also enjoys going to the dog park and has become quite a social butterfly. She has a wonderful and happy disposition and we couldn't be happier with how well she is doing in her new home.

Elham Cupid
male/white and brindle DOB: 2/14/2009

Hi, my name is Cupid and my foster Mom adopted me two months ago. I love my new life, I get lots of treats, hugs and kisses. Matter of fact sometimes she leave lipstick marks on the top of my head (kinda of embarrassing for a macho guy like me.) She tells me she loves me everyday, even when I push her onto the floor when I want to lay on the couch, or the time I redecorated the living room with the stuffings of a pillow. I love her too and am thankful to be off the track and in a loving home. Cupid  
 BF Back Bay
female/red fawn DOB: 3/14/2010

From my loving forever-family...
Although she's still a bit timid, Bailey is gradually becoming more playful. She drags stuffed toys to her living room cushion. Once the cushion was so full that she had to sleep beside the cushion! She won't take a Milkbone from my hand. I have to put it on her cushion, then she'll eat it. She and our other grey, Ellie, love to patrol the backyard in hopes of catching a squirrel.
Bionic Beauty
female/white with brindle DOB: 11/2/2010  
  JA's Sum
female/white and brindle DOB:11/27/2009

 I love my new name...Suzie...and this is what my forever-dad loves the best about me...
Suzie is a wonderful girl, very affectionate and loving!
She enjoys cuddling and hugs and lays her head on you to show her affection :)
She kisses us occasionally and enjoys sitting on my lap and sleeping in our bed.

 Jax Ferdinand
male/brindle DOB: 5/2/10

Just call me Jax and read what my fantastic forever-family has to say...
Adopting Jax has brought us so much joy and love, it's like he was meant to be ours. He adjusted so quickly. Within 3 weeks he was going up and down the basement stairs on his own. He loves his Italian Greyhound brother, they are protective of each other and love to play together. Jax always seems to know when you need a little extra love and will plop his big head in your lap and cuddle. We can't remember what life was like before he came into the picture, and we're ok with that :)
Thank you MCGR for finding this sweet boy for us. 
female/red DOB: 4/21/2009
female/fawn DOB: 11/05/2010

Sour Apple Opal
female/dk brindle DOB: 11/05/2010
Dakota Farrah
female/white with brindle DOB: 6/21/08


Kota came to us as a foster dog. We took the luck of the draw, asking only for a female. By day 2, I was certain she had found her forever home. We've never met a Greyhound we didn't like, but it was easy to see that Kota was special. On her 1st day with us she blended in as if she had been there for years. Shortly after being introduced to our house and 2 other Greyhounds, she bolted up the stairs. It took an hour to coax her down, but it just endeared her to us.

Kota has been with us 3 months now and hardly a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky we all are to have found each other.

male/brindle DOB: 8/9/2010

Lala is extremely social. He loves being around his cousins (my sister’s dogs – both lab mixes) and you can tell he misses them when they’re gone. He also loves meeting new people. He is never shy or timid and goes right up to them politely to say hello.
He also has a great balance of playful energy and being a couch potato. He loves going to the dog park and running around with the other dogs or just chasing after the tennis ball on his own. Then, he enjoys coming home and going back to his favorite spot on the couch to relax the rest of the day. 
His favorite place to get rubbed and scratched is his neck. He’ll stand in front of you with his head on your shoulder as you scratch his neck. 
He’s also finally found his inner puppy that was never really allowed out before. He is playful, clumsy, and affectionate as a puppy. He loves laying on his back with his body twisted and legs up in the air. His tongue often hangs out as well. More than ever before, he has his playful, happy ears up and forward. He is the cutest thing when they’re like that and you can tell he is truly happy and enjoying life for the first time.

PJs I'm Houston
male/red brindle DOB: 12/19/2007

I'm Houston, but sometimes mom and dad call me Prancer, cause when I get too excited I can't seem to keep my feet on the ground! I love my new life in the townhouse! The stairs were super scary at first but now I'm a pro at flying up and down them! I have the biggest squishiest bed- my parents can have that couch thing! I LOVE to eat bananas and other fruits the vet says are good for me! I like them almost as much as collecting treasures (shoes, remotes, towels, mail...) to sleep with. I just figured out this fetch thing - Its more fun if you bring it back and drop it cause then they throw it again! Life is awesome now and I'm so happy we found each other.
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.
Yes Boss
female/black DOB: 4/8/2010

Feebee is a sweet, petite, silly little girl. She has lots of happy energy, especially when seeing a squirrel or meeting new people. Almost immediately, she took to our nine year old daughter, laying her head in her lap only hours after meeting. Since coming into our family, she has learned to tolerate our cats – even when the bolder one rubs his chin on her toenails! I’d say they’ve become good friends.

She smiles and offers her belly for rubs, snorts when she is excited and is learning to sing (roo) with her new family. She’s brought us lots of love and laughs.

male/dark brindle DOB: 1/22/2010

My name is now Boris!  I've hit the jackpot! When I left my loving foster mummy and went on the long car ride to Canada, I didn't know I was going to get a new Ma, Pa, AND five cat brothers! Boy, was I surprised! But my new Ma and Pa love me so much, and I never want to leave their side! In my new house I get this real yummy fancy food, and every day Ma gives me a fishy vitamin. She says it's gonna make my fur turn real pretty. Each day we get to go on a dog walk together and meet up with some bulldogs and a beagle and a chihuahua! I never knew dogs came in all different shapes! But I'd have to say my favourite thing has been the kids in the park next to us. They get to go speeding down the snowy hills on toboggan, and gosh, does that look fun! But in a few months, I'll get to live by the sea side. I'm going to go on a big plane trip to Turkey -which isn't actually a food- its where Pa comes from. We're going to spend the summer there! I love my new life, and I sure don't miss that awful track in Alabama. Or my ear infections. Or the worms in my belly. Thanks for saving me, MCGR!
CU Christine K
female/fawn DOB: 8/21/2007

Hi everyone, my racing name was C U Christine K, and my foster mom called me Honey, but now that I'm living with my master, my new name is Sassy. I am still learning my new name and love to give my master a hard time, sometimes I ignore him when he calls me. When I first got to my new home I found a nice soft bed to lay on but my master would come lay in it too and he would move around way too much, so I was forced to find another place. Now I have a nice leather couch that is all mine during the night. If I get cold during the night he'll even come in and put a blanket over me to keep me warm. I love going for walks and we usually go for a couple walks during the day, checking out the neighborhood and meeting new friends. Sometimes I even get to go for rides in the car. Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing fine, but I do miss my old buddies. I also want to thank everyone involved with helping me find new home.  Sassy 
  PW's Jaguar
female/ red brindle DOB: 12/1/2007

With Jaguar, it was love at first sight! Teaching Jag about the house was one of the most interesting things we've ever done. But, it was as awarding as it was peculiar. We found the best way to describe it is 'A puppy that can reach on top of the counters!..'
Jaguar is very loving and sensitive. She has a gentle and loyal way about her. All of our friends and family to a liking to her right away. If I could say one thing, it's that you can't take Jag out without turning heads.
Although we excitedly stocked up on things for her before we brought her home, like her adorable toy dragon, shes prefers 'our things'. Particularly, stinky work clothes, shoes and oddly enough - Xbox controllers. She won't chew them, she just wants to have them near her.
Jag has completed our lives a little more, giving us more love and affection than we could have ever asked for. We may have done her a favor, but shes definitely return that favor double fold. Shes fueled our Grey Fever.

  Jax Larry
male/brindle DOB: 1/22/2008 

Larry is such a joy and a wonderful addition to our family. He has bonded with his new "sisters", Louise and Polly, both Bichons. He loves his walks, follows us everywhere and cannot get enough hugs from everyone he meets. We love our Larry!

Thank you so much for saving this great dog.

female/black DOB: 8/26/2008

Catalina is the biggest sweetheart we have ever met. She has adjusted perfectly into her forever home. Since we brought her home, she has been nothing but loving and affectionate. If we are sitting in the family room, Catalina has to be right near us with her head in our lap or sitting right next to us. She loves being outside. The past week she has finally learned how to play with a tennis ball and it is the funniest thing you'll ever see when she is running after it, scooping it in her mouth, and accidentally flinging it 5 feet in front of her and then it all starts over again. Catalina also does well in her crate. She uses it as a bed when we are home too. When I return home from work and open the crate, she is like a firework. She explodes out of the crate and runs around so excited. I open the back door and she goes running in circles around the yard for about 10 minutes. One thing I was very worried about at first was taking her up and down the stairs in our house. She was so afraid and did not want anything to do with them. After about a week, she was walking up and down on her own. We are still working on getting her to do it without us going with her, but that will come. Catalina is just the most loving and friendly dog. She has made our family even more complete.  
  Molly's Eviltwin
female/red DOB: 10/16/2010

My name is Molly and I was adopted about a month ago. I just wanted to let you know how things are going. Well, I was very scared for the first few weeks and I was even more scared to outside at all. My daddy had to pick me up 4 or 5 times a day and make me go outside to go potty. Reluctantly I did go every time. But as of today I can't go outside enough. I love it now. I even made daddy come carry me inside one time. Hehehe. I love my big brother Red, and we got along great right from the start. I have slept with my mommy and daddy since I moved in and they love it when I wake up and cockroach every morning so they can rub my belly. I am so happy I found parents who love me so much. Bye for now.


  Dokemi Butler
male/red DOB: 4/30/2009

Midas has been a wonderful addition to our home, and always manages to brighten my and my husband's day.
He was very outgoing when we first adopted, but he has come out of his shell even more and
has learned that it is okay to trust others. He loves going for walks, giving kisses constantly, roaching in his bed and playing with his toys by shaking them all about. He has learned simple commands such as giving paw, which is quite adorable because he is a big boy and has extremely long legs.
We are still working with him on a day to day basis with gobbling up food that isn't his, but we are making progress together. My favorite personality trait about Midas is his expressions. From his eyes, to his ears, to his tail wagging, he is forever ours and we couldn't be more happy.
Thank you MCGR!

DK Swain
male/lt. brindle DOB 2/27/2010

As our "foster" dog, we continued to use his track name, Swain, for 2 days.  We, the humans of the house, quickly fell in love with him and changed his name to Rufus...but we lovingly refer to him as our big, dumb boy.  Rufus is a very energetic, oversized puppy.  He's inquisitive and playful with explosive bursts of energy between very short periods of calm and quiet.  He's sweet, loving and enjoys playing cockroach, while his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth.  Rufus loved his adoptive, older sister, Star, from the very beginning and wants to do everything that she does.  Star tolerated him at first, but now accepts his company, shares toys and enjoys lying with him in the sun.  We're learning and practising behavioural commands and are looking forward to continued progress with our forever-family. 
General Salute
male/black DOB: 7/19/2008

From my forever-family...
General Salute (Cole) is a wonderful fur kid.  Cole gets along great with the other dogs.  Everyone accepted Cole with no problem.  Cole is a love sponge.  He just loves scratches and hugs.  Cole greets Rich every morning.  Cole then acts like a seeing eye dog.  Rich takes Cole's collar and Cole leads Rich to his chair. (Rich is blind.)  Cole likes to collect items and take them to his crate.  Cole's latest interest is paperback books.  Cole is an awesome greyhound and we love him completely.
Jax Dixie
female/red DOB:11/24/2009

I'm just plain sweet and petite. 
Whytell Landry
male/ white with black ticking  DOB: 2/10/2006
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.
Cool Miss Tipper
female/brindle DOB: 12/29/2008

This Sweet Girl has waltzed into our life and, of course, it was Love at First Sight!  Two things that we know she is passionate about are food and the sun, much like her new Mom.  It was discovered that she must have eaten an alarm clock while staying with her wonderful Foster Mom, Karen, because her stomach speaks to her to let her know when it is "Foodie Time."  Through the ongoing getting to know you process, there are adorable things that will forever put a smile on our faces daily and here is one: Frannie is very playful on the first and last potty break of the day.  Each time while we are waiting to go back inside to her comfy bed, she waits on the patio.  We just hang out on the patio, sharing a few quiet moments of scratching and kisses.  I can bend over her and tease her by tickling her lower backside which invokes her to spring into what we like to call her "Donkey Dance" bouncing up and down and torqueing her body from the left to the right.  Very humorous scene which is a beloved video.  She does, unfortunately, get reminded occasionally (as we do) of the mistreatment she encountered at the track.  We continue to learn things about her and, as part of her healing process, we are committed to trying, every day, to help her forget that.  I am confident that she will someday do just that...forget. 
  Braska Dandy
male/white and red fawn DOB: 6/28/2007

I am now Schroeder and my forever-family says...
Schroeder is such a good boy.  He is so sweet and mellow and has been a very easy dog.  He has been wonderful with the crazy cats from the start.  They walk right over him, even over his head, and he does not care.  Although he was a little shy with us at the beginning, he has warmed up quickly.  He just needed to know that we wanted his affection.  It has been a joy to watch his silly side come out.  Initially, we had a hard time getting him interested in toys, but he now has a favorite squeaky duck that he loves to toss around and pounce on.  He seems happiest just being close to the family.  He does roo with us which is quite fun.  Schroeder is obedient and smart and is learning what our words mean. He loves car rides and watching baseball games, walks so nicely and never gets into anything that he shouldn't.  We are so happy to have him in our family!

male/brindle DOB: 7/2/2008

Here are some thoughts about our dear Mac . . .
McMan -- we usually call him Mac now -- is a delightfully energetic addition to our home! He is a lover with a big personality, always eager to meet new friends and greeting us with enthusiasm. He is beside himself with happiness when my husband comes home from work and spends a few minutes playing. He likes squeaky toys, lets the cats co-opt his pillows, and he follows me from room to room, napping as enthusiastically as he plays, near wherever I am working. Our other grey, Mazie, age 11, was pretty quiet and mopey after the loss of her longtime companion George. She has come fully alive again, dancing and prancing with Mac like a youngster.
Mac is curious and intelligent, responding quickly to our words and motions. For instance, when I am putting on my shoes to go for a walk, he gets so excited he is shoving his nose into my shoulder, licking my neck. I've started telling him, "Back," while pointing away from me, and he immediately backs up and lays down politely. Pretty cool. Mac is adjusting well. The last few nights, we have often seen him sleeping on his back with all four legs in the air, the picture of security and comfort! We're delighted to have him and grateful to Jennifer and Ken for fostering him.

Kicken Kitty
female/brindle DOB: 11/28/2007
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.

My new name is Cinnamon. My family thought they were just going to foster me, but I knew better...

As we drove home, this dog leaned over the passenger seat to be close to me. I knew I was in trouble! In the back of my mind, I was thinking that we'd probably wind up adopting her. Our dog and cats made things a little difficult the first 2-3 days. The cats disappeared and Ellie wanted nothing to do with the new arrival. One afternoon, I lay down to take a short nap. When I woke, there were two brindles butt-to-butt on the cushions beside my bed. That night the cats ventured out to check out the intruder. One of them hissed at Cinnamon, so there were not further problems. On Memorial Day weekend, we decided that we needed another animal to love.

We think Cinnamon must have spent some time in a home, because she had no difficulty climbing steps. She quickly knew that couches were meant for greyhounds to sleep upon and toys were meant for play. She hoards toys from the storage chest. I counted 14 animals in her crate last week. This morning there were four in her bed in our bedroom. She is very affectionate and wants to be near us. Whenever one of us leaves a room, she quickly follows. She has encouraged our dog, Ellie, to be more active. They are a joy to watch as they tear around our fenced-in backyard. I think that fate intervened and brought Cinnamon to us. We are grateful to MotorCity Greyhound Rescue for giving us the opportunity to provide a loving Forever home for her.
Starz Entice
female/red brindle DOB: 5/8/2008
Gone to the bridge too soon.  Loved and never forgotten.

I am now officially Star and this is what my forever-family has to say about me....
Star is a beautiful addition to our household. She's friendly, energetic and very well behaved. Her happy tail wags in complete circles like a propeller and she loves to run (also in circles...of course). She truly is a STAR.
Fast Friday
male/red DOB: 5/25/2008

Friday's forever-mom says...
Friday is great. He is out of the crate and doing well with it.
Friday is enjoying his new home and especially the yard. We enjoy our evening walks together. He loves his toys, and snatching things off the counters when he sees the opportunity.  He is loved by all and adores my nieces and family. He is very sweet and affectionate. He is enjoying meeting the neighbors and their dogs.
female/brindle DOB: 12/21/2008

I am now Dancer and my forever-family says ...
Dancer is doing great. She loves to go for walks and just loves being petted and hugged. She gets along great with Butternut. She has brought out her more confident and playful side.
 Sks Liberty
female/red brindle DOB: 3/29/2008

Liberty is now Cedar and her forever-mom says...
Cedar is very sensitive to the newness of the environment. She took right to finding her safe haven underneath the kitchen table. In just a few days, she is playing with some toys and carrying them to her bed with her. She now has four siblings including a beagle, two Italian Greyhounds and an Orange-winged Amazon parrot. Cedar has shown no food aggression with her siblings and paces when she needs to go outside to relieve herself. She enjoys going for short walks and enjoys sleeping in front of the window. Cedar is already greeting you when you arrive home. Fostering is great but adopting is forever! She is a great addition to my family! 
  Rock N Moody
male/white black DOB: 1/22/2010
Our first adoptee!!

From Moody's forever-family...
Moody is a work in progress. While he's a sweet boy, he's still a puppy and there's a reason why they call greyhound puppies "land sharks!" He's learning quickly and wants to please. He's also silly and gets excited when he sees people and vehicles. Even though he's a challenge, he's a challenge that we're more than happy to have.

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