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Happy Tails
It's a happy day for these pups.  They are each enjoying life and love in their forever home!

 CBJ Baby Ruth
female/brindle  DOB: 9/30/2014
 Family Bond
female/white with black  DOB: 5/28/2015
Cg's Asset
female/brindle  DOB: 6/3/2014

Kiowa Kay Cycle
male/dark fawn  DOB:  7/23/2012
CG's Sweetbay
female/black  DOB: 6/22/2013
Kiowa Book City
male/dark brindle  DOB: 1/17/2013 
TJ Saddle Up
male/brindle  DOB: 10/23/2014
WW Ajay's Octane
male/ white with black  DOB: 4/17/2013
Chase P
male/white with red brindle  DOB: 9/24/2015
Atascocita Dace
female/black  DOB: 3/1/2014
 Flying Punter
female/black  DOB:  1/4/2013
BL Agent Smith
male/red  DOB: 12/20/2014
Mulberry Portia
female/white with brindle  DOB: 9/9/2013

XK Money Maker
male/ white with black  DOB: 6/18/2015
Fly Blount
male/brindle  DOB: 12/9/2012
 Braska Pork Chop
male/brindle  DOB: 6/16/2014
Keeper Many
female/black  DOB: 1/8/2014
Centex Glenda
female/black   DOB: 2/19/2014
CET Quick Zeus
male/ brindle  DOB: 1/16/2015

TJS Royal Flush
male/red  DOB: 5/1/2014
male/red  DOB: 4/2008

Louis is such a quiet gentle soul.  He is an old nine.  Louis has some leg issues. Louis gets along with all his brothers and sisters. Louis has buddied up with Zander.  If Louis goes out first he waits for Zander. Zander and Louis then walk down the ramp together.  Louis almost looks at Zander with Awe.  Louis is such a wonderful boy. Words can't express
how much we love this fabulous old boy.  Thank you MCGR.

JS Phit Bit
female/black  DOB: 2/5/2015
XK Chester See
male/black  DOB: 7/31/2012 

Hi, my name is Chester
I would like to tell you about my new home.  I was adopted by my mom, 2 brother cats and my brother Parker.  I have been shy but I am making friends every day and I’m not so scared of bikes anymore.  My brother cats won’t play with me yet but I am waiting them out and they will come around.  I get to go for walks every day and I get to visit my greyhound cousin M.J. and we run around like maniacs!  I have two beds, toys, and a maple leaf coat because I am now a Canadian!  I fit right in with the other Canadians because I am so respectful of other dogs and people.
My mom loves me so much and the boy Parker runs with me.
I have the best life!


Mulberry Pearl
female/white with brindle  DOB: 9/9/2013

 Adopting Jelly (Mulberry Pearl) has been a heartwarming adventure. Like any new pet, she was nervous and anxious in the beginning, but with love and patience, she has blossomed into a sweet, affectionate and silly girl, and her doggie personality reveals itself in new ways every day. She’s still figuring out the joys of taking a walk, but she loves to run, play with her stuffies and get cuddles from her mom and dad. Most of all though, she likes to chill out and take a cozy nap while we go about our day-to-day business nearby. She is truly a joy to wake up to and come home to, and she’s the belle of the ball whenever we take her out. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, and it’s a pleasure to watch her discover the wonders of life as a regular/retired dog!

VIP Golden Gal
female/brindle  DOB: 3/10/2015

Joy sums her up in one word.  Joy is awesome. Joy got along with the other dogs the minute she came into our home.  She only had one mistake in the house then learned from her brothers and sisters how to go outside.  Joy doesn't know her name yet, but the other dogs choose not to answer to their names either.
Reese Deluxe
male/white with red  DOB: 8/6/2014
Mulberry Paris
female/white with black  DOB: 9/9/2013
Superior Airship
male/re fawn  DOB: 9/3/2013
CNJ Popsicle
male/brindle   DOB: 5/13/2014
Astar Boxcarfran
female/white and brindle  DOB: 8/8/2013
  Fly Fitting Room
male/red DOB: 7/15/2013 
Kiowa Call Now
female/brindle  DOB: 10/30/2014

Fiona has settled in nicely. She, like most, loves her bed. She likes to follow me around the house :-) And she has done great with the stairs! Tonight we got our first cock roach from her. We love to watch her trot around the backyard.

PTL Lite Me Up
female/black  DOB: 10/16/2013

Lucy is a very sweet and loving girl. Super friendly with the neighbors and has already became the apartment buildings favorite dog. Lucy loves peanut butter, chewing on daddy's slippers, long walks, car rides, doggy playdates and sleeping on her bed. She has made our house a home filling it with so much love and we can't wait to make more memories with her. 

CT Diamond Girl
female/black  DOB: 11/8/2013

Mona "Nona" Lisa 

CT Diamond Girl came to us as a foster in early November 2016. She celebrated her third birthday with us on Nov 8th 2016. She was quiet, a little hesitant and shy, but very loving. She needed to gain some weight, some confidence, and her fur was a little flat and patchy.  Diane and I fell in love with her immediately, and we had a good time getting her in shape while fostering another girl (Holly), and taking care of our 4 puppies. We started calling her Mona Lisa. 

In December Holly left for her forever home (now MJ) and in January we started fostering Glenda, another beautiful black girl. Mona and Diane grew closer and Mona Nona (her new nickname) started giving kisses and snuggling.

 Our old girl Peanut Butter (almost 12 years old) got pretty sick in mid January (fused vertebrae affecting her back leg nerves, lots of pain, loss of back leg control and weight loss) and we began treating her intensively. Meanwhile (good news?) Mona was being adopted on Friday January 27th.  Alas, Mona was not a good fit for this home and she was returned to us.  I ended up going to get her, a 4 hour ride in a snowstorm, but it was good to have her home again and Mona was glad to be back.  We started worrying about letting her go a second time, this was hard enough and didn't work out too well...

 Meanwhile, our beloved Peanut Butter passed away in my arms on the night of Feb 5 at 4am after saying goodbye to me and her mom Diane - rest in peace Peanut Butter, we love you. During this challenging and emotional time, Mona Nona stood by Diane, comforting her and giving her love and support. 

Their bond continued to grow. Finally, on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th 2017, Diane got her secret wish fulfilled when we decided to adopt Mona Nona. Diane and Mona were so happy, Diane cried for joy!  (I have pics of this day) 

Officially, Mona was adopted on March 5th, but she became ours long before then, almost like it was fated to be. Mona is a confident happy girl with a shiny black coat, a big smile, and she gives us tender kisses every day. We are very happy to have this loving beautiful gentle girl in our lives - thank you MCGR and thank you for coming to us Mona.


Superior Calypso
male/black with white  DOB: 9/28/2013

Hello motor city greyhound rescue saviors. My name is cal and I found a new forever home 8 weeks ago. I love my new home and going for car rides were we end up at the park and I do my best to pull my best friends arm out of the socket when I see a squirrel.

CG's Vance
male/black and white  DOB: 4/22/2014
TP Bulldog
male/red  DOB: 9/15/2012
Killer Shadow
female/black  DOB: 12/17/2012

Ruby stole my heart from the moment I met her, greeting me with kisses and trying to climb into my lap. She’s a smart, energetic, playful girl. She loves tossing her toys in the air and chasing them. She’s quickly becoming the neighborhood greeter and soaks up all the attention. It’s such a joy to come home to her sweet face each day!

Jillian Monroe
female/white and red  DOB: 7/17/2014
MRL Butcher
male/red  DOB: 4/20/2012
Cry Noah
male/red and white  DOB: 3/27/2014
  SK Chevron
female/brindle  DOB:  5/5/2013

Willa (formerly SK Chevron) fittingly became part of our family on Family Day 2017. When we met Willa, we also met another Grey who was a big beautiful boy and had a very tough decision on our hands. I was not even planning to come home with a dog, but that soon changed after meeting Willa. My partner Amanda and our six-year old daughter Scarlett were instantly drawn to Willa, and Willa was quite taken with Scarlett. The decision was pretty much made right there which dog we would be taking. Willa is very bright
​, albeit very goofy,
and was able
to master the stairs after a few days of treats and encouragement. She is very eager to wake us up in the morning so she can be fed and taken on her morning walk. She is quite vocal and plays fetch wonderfully, as we have found a great fenced in dog run near our house. She plays very well with other dogs at this park as well. She is great in car and most importantly just loves being around us. As long as she has a spot in the room, she is content. She is still very much a puppy in many ways, which is nice, but we still have a bit of work to do on manners. We have seen positive changes in her anxiety, and she has begun to relax as she has caught onto our daily routines. Seeing as how it has only been roughly a month since we brought Willa home, we are pleased with her and very happy to have her in our lives. She is a beautiful girl and a wonderful companion.  
  Pat C X-Out
male/black  DOB: 11/13/2013
male/black  DOB: 2/6/2013
 TC's Chealsy
female/fawn  DOB: 8/31/2014

Chealsy is always happy, funny, and very loving. Her tail is always moving from the time she gets up to bed time. She loves hugs neck and ear scratches toys and chasing her sisters and brother in the kennel. Brings joy to my heart to see her run. She now knows how good treats are. She is a joy to have in our home, makes me laugh every day because she is so HAPPY.
Fizzy Izzy
female/fawn  DOB:  5/5/2013

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