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Happy Tails
It's a happy day for these pups.  They are each enjoying life and love in their forever home!

 Neon Lights
female/white with black  DOB: 10/27/2012 
Atascocita Dace
female/black  DOB: 3/1/2014 
  JSK MR. Utley
male/black  DOB: 8/10/2015 
AHK Blazing Heat
male/black  DOB: 9/7/2009 
 Rio Iwonttell
male/white with brindle  DOB: 6/3/2015
XKT Mutual Fund
male/white with black  DOB: 11/27/2014  
Keeper Spot On
male/white with black  DOB: 3/15/2015
 You Should Know
female/white with red fawn  DOB: 7/25/2013

 E's Fusileer
male/fawn  DOB: 12/11/2011
 Pat C Sin City
female/red  DOB: 11/6/2014

DKC Chicky
female/black  DOB: 1/28/2015

XK Aboveenbeyond
male/red  DOB:  4/3/2013 
Kiowa Call Now
female/brindle  DOB: 10/30/2014  
  Turbo Kelley
female/red  DOB: 3/3/2014 
JS Rubbinnralin
male/black  DOB: 7/1/2015  
Keeper Urusla
female/red  DOB: 10/7/2013  
Kay Make a Deal
female/red fawn  DOB: 11/14/2014 

GB's  Sister Pat
female/dark brindle  DOB: 7/14/2014  
Prairie Trail
male/white with brindle  DOB: 1/1/2012
Rocket Richard
male/red  DOB: 8/3/2014
Coz Coz
female/white with brindle  DOB: 3/22/2015  
Family Riches
male/brindle  DOB: 5/28/2015 
male/black  DOB: 3/4/2013 
 WW Sailboarder
male/red fawn  DOB: 10/26/2014 
Crazy Lil Queen
female/dark brindle  DOB: 8/6/2013  
Boc's Broke Girl
female/black  DOB: 1/7/2015  
 OK Ariona
female/red  DOB: 3/6/2014 
TNT Talent Scout
male/black  DOB: 1/17/2015
Rodeo Clown
female/white with black ticking  DOB: 11/7/2012  
 Harley Jackie
female/white and black  DOB: 11/9/2011
 DCG Pikachu
female/ white and black  DOB: 7/1/2016 
SH Saoiste
female/black  DOB: 3/20/2015 
HS Maverick
male/brindle DOB: 10/14/2014
Delores Wookie
female/brindle  DOB: 6/11 2010  
 BS Tony
male/ red brindle  DOB: 12/24/2011 
CRT Bonnie
female/fawn  DOB: 2/11/2009

Bonnie came to our house late one night on an unscheduled run from the tracks. For the first month she was with us she was withdrawn and hid in her corner of the bedroom and would only allow interaction which cuddles for sleeping.
Every night for weeks at three am she would ask to go outside and sing the saddest mournful howl for all her lost puppies. Not only did she battle depression she also had severe hookworm. It took most of the summer to treat her mind and body, but the last month or so has been her best time. She has opened up out of her deep, deep shell and rolls in the grass, seeks love from all, and has won a place in all our hearts.
Bonnie is looking forward to joining her fellow hounds at meet and greets and winning more people to the love of greyhounds with her amazing turnaround and gentle and kind personality.
Atascocita Klass
male/brindle  DOB: 2/2/2015  
Battery Operated
female/brindle  DOB: 5/10/2103 
I truly feel that Jolene was meant for me. I lost my furry best friend (Lucy, black lab mix) of twelve years in the spring and come summertime, I felt adopting another dog might help me work through my grief because I was having a very hard time. So after talking to the great folks at MCGR, I was waiting for another group of greys to come in so that I could foster to adopt a cat-safe one. The day the next group of dogs came to Michigan was the day that I met and took Battery Operated home. She became Jolene that day. 
The first few days she stayed in her kennel all the time, only to come out to eat and go outside. She slowly started venturing out and becoming more comfortable with her new home and new family (me and a orange tabby named Chuck). In the two and a half months, she has come out of her shell a lot. It's been exciting to watch her experience the world around her. She comes to work with me 3 days a week and she's something of a celebrity at our agency. She loves to go on car rides, she has started to play with her stuffed toys and has learned the joys of so many foods (chicken, fish, carrots, cucumbers, apples, etc).
She's still pretty reserved but when I come home after being gone or she sees my mom, certain coworkers and friends, she gets very excited and does a little dance with her tail in full whirlwind mode. Sometimes she even does the infamous 'greyhound smile' too. And she'll even give me a lick or two on the face when she's really excited. 
In other words, she's a pleasure to have in my life. Thanks MCGR! 
Atascocita Katya
female/black  DOB: 4/13/2014

Prostar Samson
male/red  DOB: 7/1/2014 
Stingray Malcome
male/brindle  DOB: 4/22/2014
  Wolf Would
male/fawn  DOB: 2/2/2012
Atascocita Videl
male/fawn brindle  DOB: 6/27/2015
  Oshkosh Israel
male/brindle  DOB: 5/12/2015

Mordecai has been such a lovely addition to our family. He’s handled the move to the big city really well, adapting fabulously to the hustle and bustle of Toronto. His hobbies include running around the dog park, howling at sirens, chewing on his bones and always finding a way to push us off our couch! Morty has so much love to share with others, whether it be the stranger at the park, his friends, and even his brother, Jameson the cat (although it is not always reciprocated). We love our big goofball and are so grateful to MCGR for bringing this beautiful boy into our lives.

Kiowa Spin Proof
male/black  DOB: 10/16/2013
RC Mitch
male/red  DOB: 12/13/2014
Superior Calypso
male/black with white  DOB: 9/28/2013
Amplified Life
female/black  DOB: 6/1/2013
Nitro Keepsake
female/red brindle  DOB: 6/6/2008
Canaan U Go Girl
female/black  DOB: 9/13/2014 
Kay Stands Tall
male/red fawn   DOB: 4/26/2013 
Jax Paris
female/dark brindle  DOB: 3/28/2015

I named her Lenore after Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.
It may have been 10 years or more ago when a brown eyed beauty introduced herself to me at the Belleville Strawberry festival.I was asking questions while she leaned against me and put her head against my hand. My heart went out to this beautiful dog who could be so kind to a perfect stranger after what I had just been told she went through.
I have never forgotten the feel of that grey leaning against me, giving me her energy and kindness. She made me feel like everything was going to be ok. Wasn’t it me who should be making her feel that way?
When I knew I was in the position to properly care for one of these dogs I went through a very positive experience throughout the entire adoption process.
Full support and detailed answers to all my questions was provided in addition to very respectful attention to what it was I was looking for in respect to the dog’s personality.
I was Paired with Lenore formally, Jax Paris.
We went to visit her and she was very polite, and interested in us. She stayed right by our side while we visited and asked questions. She seemed excited and curious for the next step in her journey.
After the visit, we were sad to leave her. She was for us. We prepared our home for her and gathered all the necessities that would make her feel comfortable and welcomed.
We went back a week later and brought her home. She adjusted well and was very willing to learn new things and take social ques. She became a part of our family almost instantly.
Lenore is beautiful, curious, gentle, yet strong, she is very intuitive and does not leave my side very often. I'm so proud of her and inspired by her daily. We celebrate her successes with praise, encouragement and her favorite treats.
She is my best friend and I do my very best to be hers. No matter how much she thinks I love her, I love her much more than that.

 Flying Tove Lo
female/red fawn  DOB: 12/1/2014

 I was told Tove Lo is a popular singer. LO means call attention to, express wonder and surprise. I guess that's me, so my name is now "Lo"kie. I enjoy walks looking for squirrels and rabbits. But my favorite thing is riding in the car! I also love my squeaky toys and get my exercise running around the house with them. My forever mom and dad learned real fast that when you adopt a Greyhound you lose a couch, chairs, bed etc...I love 'em all! They say I'm a real sweetheart.
Centex Valor
male/black DOB: 3/17/2014
Hashtag Marana
female/red  DOB: 7/10/2014
Hashtag Marana is now Phoebe! She is loving the retired life and loves to sleep, eat treats, relax, nap, and sleep. When she first arrived to us, she was very shy and timid around people and other dogs. Although she is still a work in progress, Phoebe now loves to take walks around Downtown Rochester and get pets from as many people as possible. She adjusted to her new home very easily, with the help of countless squeaky toys and naps with her mom and dad. 

We feel so incredibly blessed to have this wonderful greyhound girl in our lives, and we already want a second one (who will be named Joey, of course)! She has given us unmeasurable happiness and our favorite part of the day is coming home to her. Although we thought at first that she was going to be a quiet and low-energy dog, we were proven wrong. Even though she is silent for most of the day, when we come home from work her howls and zooms kick in full force! We say she sleeps 95% of the day, but the other 5% she has more energy than a normal dog has throughout its life time. It’s amazing to watch her zoom to catch her toys and take laps around our kitchen and living room! 

Phoebe’s favorite pastimes (not including sleeping) are going to the Lake Orion Dog Park, getting a Lickety Split from Three Dog Bakery, and smelling every garbage can she passes. She also loves taking walks with mom and dad and sniffing all of the shrubbery.

We are so unbelievably happy to have Phoebe in our lives. Greyhounds are truly the best companion anyone could every ask for, and we can’t wait to rescue another!  
 LNB Hot Pepper
female/red  DOB: 12/9/2014
East Boston Boy
male/white with brindle  DOB: 6/28/2014
HL's Samantha
female/brindle  DOB: 6/6/2012

Bama (formerly known as HL's Samantha) is settling into her new home wonderfully. She enjoys daily walks around her court yard and visits to the neighborhood dog park where she shows off her sprinting skills and chases the neighbor dogs. We have discovered that Bama is especially gentle and cautious with very small animals and children. She even tries to play gently with our cat, Mowgli. Bama has some silly hobbies including laying directly in front of the fan, collecting our shoes and clothing and displaying them for us to find when we get home, and tossing her treasured lamb chop in the air to try to catch it. Bama has brought so much love into our home. Thank you MCGR!
  Jax Tuff It Tim
male/black  DOB: 6/20/2013
Flat Out Oswald
male/black  DOB: 9/15/2011

Baloo is my second foster fail and I could not be more smitten with his quirky ways. It was not an easy start for him after being surrendered by his previous owner... he had terrible separation anxiety for months. He messed his crate nearly every day for a month and a half, he peeled the door off a crate, barked and whined for hours on end, would stand and pant endlessly.... the list goes on. I tried what feels like everything to help him get through it and 7 months later he is finally doing much better. I didn't have the heart to adopt him out which likely would have sparked up his separation anxiety again as he is a very sensitive boy. No one seemed to be interested in adopting him either. Large black males are sadly harder to find homes for than other coloured dogs.... when you add a behaviour hiccup like SA to that people run for the hills lol. 

Of the 20+ fosters I've had so far, Baloo really is the kindest, most tolerant boy that has come into my care. He is amazing with my cats and my other dogs. My other greyhound Lola, is a tripawd. When they run in the yard together he will keep her pace and let her lean on him for stability even though she can rip around the yard just fine by herself. It really is the sweetest thing. Baloo loves to play with and get my German Shepherd all rilled up too. The three dogs are amazing friends.  He also happens to be a star at meet and greets and loves everyone who comes to see him. Baloo and Lola can often be found advocating for their adoptable friends at Canadian MCGR events which is one of their favourite things to do. 

I feel so fortunate to have Baloo in my life and he has definitely taught me a lot. I look forward to the rest of forever with him <3

 CBJ Baby Ruth
female/brindle  DOB: 9/30/2014

Oakley is fitting in perfectly! The sweetest girl who enjoys being around anyone and everyone. Is completely house broken now after just a couple accidents but she is very smart and learns incredibly quick! She was fast to master the stairs and is enjoying learning about toys! Can't wait for the many more memories to come with this beautiful girl by my side!
-Oakley and Hayden

 Family Bond
female/white with black  DOB: 5/28/2015
Cg's Asset
female/brindle  DOB: 6/3/2014

Kiowa Kay Cycle
male/dark fawn  DOB:  7/23/2012
CG's Sweetbay
female/black  DOB: 6/22/2013
Kiowa Book City
male/dark brindle  DOB: 1/17/2013 
TJ Saddle Up
male/brindle  DOB: 10/23/2014
WW Ajay's Octane
male/ white with black  DOB: 4/17/2013
Chase P
male/white with red brindle  DOB: 9/24/2015
 Flying Punter
female/black  DOB:  1/4/2013
BL Agent Smith
male/red  DOB: 12/20/2014 
Apollo is such a joy to have in our home! Every day we see more and more of his quirky personality. One minute he's a stoic greyhound that suits his strong name, the next, he's a goofball bouncing around the yard with his tongue sticking out. He's such a happy boy who loves walks, sunning himself outside, playing, and napping with his sister Dutchie. He's bonded very hard to us, and it feels like he's been with us longer than just a month. His fur has come in nicely, and his overall health has improved a lot since day one. He went from being a scared, quiet, reserved dog, to the friendly boy that we know and love today.
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone at MCGR for all that you do for these wonderful retired racers!!! He's honestly one of the silliest, sweetest, and best dogs that we've ever known.
Mulberry Portia
female/white with brindle  DOB: 9/9/2013

XK Money Maker
male/ white with black  DOB: 6/18/2015

Hi MCGR land, Dennis here! A few months ago I moved from a track in Florida to my foster's house in Amherstburg and finally to my condo in Toronto. I'm super quirky which seems to entertain my humans to no end :) When I first moved to Toronto I was a little nervous of big city things such as elevators, traffic and loud construction. My humans don't really like those things either, so they told me it was alright and I quickly got over my nervousness. I love hanging out in my local dog park. I'm really big and all the little dogs like to follow me while I trot around the dog park enjoying all the amazing dog park smells! I also like sneaking treats from all the other dog parents! I'm popular!! One of my favourite things is running in the hallway. My condo building is pretty long and when I get a chance, I bolt out the door and run back and forth. Its exhilarating!! I'm still not sure about stairs, but with the aid of treats and snacks I can manage a couple of flights.

My humans and I want to send a big thank you out to MCGR. You guys did a perfect job of matching up my personality with the right human personalities and temperament. We jive!

I'm doing well and enjoying my new home. I know my humans love me (because of pets, snuggles, endless treats, snacks, walks, car ride adventures, heaps of toys, lots of attention, chats and loads more) and I love them too

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