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CH Stand Up Guy
male/fawn  DOB: 7/24/2012

Hello World I’m Guy! I’m a recent adoptee of MCGR and just had my 1-month adoption anniversary with my new parents. My journey began by being fostered by my amazing foster parents (Jerry and Sydney). Mom and Dad are incredibly grateful for the amazing job they did and they still take me to visit them and my foster sister Ellie, which makes everyone super happy! :)

Now that I’m in their lives Mom and Dad don’t know what they would do without me. I’m constantly filling their lives with laughter and love and they believe that it’s true that if you have a dog you’ll never have another bad day. I’m settling in nicely to apartment life and have found all the best napping places. My favorites are the fluffy rug in the living room and Mom and Dad’s bed. I love both my humans but have definitely become best buds with Dad. We like to nap together (snore wars!), play together and I love to lie in his den while he studies. Mom says it’s a “bromance” and that she now has two puppies to take care of but she doesn’t mind. :)

My favorite things to do are chase Mom and Dad through the house while they hold my stuffies, run in the dog run with Dad, hike and explore (I’ve discovered I love water!), nap, and just chill with my humans. Some funny things I do are play bow when I want something from you (it’s my way of saying “Please…”), snore, slide down the hallway, sleep with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth, lay in the kitchen at Dad’s feet when he’s cooking, zoomies, and I “talk” when I want you to play.

Thank you MCGR for helping me find my “furever” home! 

  Jax Yolanda
female/ white and red  DOB: 3/29/2014
  PTL Jewels
female/brindle  DOB: 2/9/2014
  Bo's Dad Butch
male/red fawn  DOB: 4/14/2013
   Fanatic Samantha
female/brindle  DOB: 11/25/2012

Sammi is such a sweet girl. We fell in love with her right away. She has adjusted well to her forever home. Sammi enjoys going on walks and meeting the neighbors. She loves going for car rides even more. She has claimed our hearts and her spot on the couch.

   PTL I Am Stoked
female/black  DOB: 10/16/2013

We call her Rogue.  We didn't intend to get another greyhound, but Rogue was too good to be true.  She LOVES to play with the kids and plays fetch.  She is a great lap dog and so very happy!
Rogue has also taught Brook how to play with the dog toys.  Now, it's common to have both dogs racing across the living room to tackle a thrown toy. 
When Rogue does play, she plays hard. She is funny because once she gets tired Rogue will literally drop in that very spot, at that very second, and fall asleep, even if a bed is only a few feet away.
Rogue is still learning to use the bathroom outside and other manners, but she has gained so much ground in the 2 weeks we've had her.  Just yesterday, she figured out how to jump in the van.
Rogue has also turned out to be a great lap dog and will happily sit on your lap and soak up the snuggles. 
All in all, Brook seems to appreciate that Rogue is worth having around, even if she has to share the lovings.  They sleep next to each other, play with each other, chase each other around the dog park, and take walks together.  We've had almost no conflict between them, and what has happened is not worth noting.

The kids are the happiest right now because Rogue is definitely one of them, and loves to have so many friends living with her.  When one of kids starts laughing, Rogue comes running.
We could not have a better fit for our entire family!  Thank you again! 
   WJS Tina Fey
female/ white with fawn  DOB: 4/29/2012
   CBJ Beach Boy
male/red  DOB:  5/11/2014
  CJC's Destroyer
female/black  DOB: 1/1/2007

 Good morning from a Florida girl to Michigan. My name is CJC'S Destroyer and I am 8 years old, but now go by the name of Dora. Not sure why they called me that because I don't think I destroyed anything! I came to my foster home in November 2016 and of course they fell in love with me! After a rough start health wise I am now healthy and happy. I have two older sisters that have welcomed me and showed me the things I needed to know about stairs, sharing, and learning to play in the big fenced in back yard. My foster mom and dad adopted me in March 2016 because they fell in love with me and I think they are addicted to greyhounds! I have to admit I am addicted to toilet paper on the roll, tissues and occasionally coffee when mom isn't looking. I want to thank MCGR for allowing me to find my adopted family in Michigan. And PS: they have a 2 year old grand baby that I just love! She is just my height. 

   JA's Antique
male/black  DOB 6/22/2013

This is Andy. He looooves squeaky toys!!! He has discovered the squirrels on the back yard and asks to go out frequently when he sees one. He has created his own little running circuit in the backyard and likes to show us his racing technique. We love him very much and he is a great addition to our home.

   Mulberry Mariam
female/white with brindle ticking  DOB: 3/23/2012
   Ethereal Magic
male/brindle  DOB: 8/25/2011

Here are some pictures of Zeus. As you can see his favourite pass time is lounging on his bed! He does love his walks in the park too (especially in his orange sweater). He is such a sweet gentle guy...he is very social and loves meeting new people, especially our 3 grandchildren who adore him. He has adjusted well, although he still doesn't care to go up the stairs and he is quite content to stay on the main floor. We are very lucky to have him in our lives!

   JA's Bauble
female/black  DOB: 4/2/2012

Shadow is doing very well. She is a great dog. Our 5 year old son loves trying to outrun her in the backyard. Shadow is a couch potato also, loves to lay around. She has a lot of energy when she is not laying around. She has her own spot on our sectional. Shadow loves rides in the car and going for small walks on her leash. We are very happy with our greyhound.


   Jax Elmo
male/black  DOB: 6/23/2012 
   CG's Naomi Watts
female/blue brindle  DOB: 3/21/2012

Naomi (or often more affectionately called - NayNay) has settled very well into her new home.  She is incredibly sweet and is insatiable in her quest for affection.  Aside from attention, her favorite things include treats, walks and adventures to new places.  She is also learning all sorts of new things - such as sitting and shaking for treats, the wonderful comforts of the sofa, and (finally!) mastering stairs.  Naomi has been a truly blessed addition to our family and we are so happy to give her her furever home. 
  WJS Bekto
female/red  DOB: 7/6/2012   
   St's Bo Jackson
male/light brindle  DOB: 6/26/2013
  Dreamin of Lilly
male/red  DOB: 4/22/2012

Mort came to me as my very first foster greyhound back in September 2015.  He had been adopted to  a family and was returned as “aggressive”.  He was returned to his former foster family, but something just wasn’t right.  He was extremely fearful of men and would cower if men came in the house.  I was asked to take him as my husband had recently passed away suddenly and there was just me and my other dog (an 11 year old Irish Setter girl).  When he came to me he was very nervous of men and very protective of his bed area.   Within a short period of time, he started to come around and become more curious and outgoing.   By New Years it was clear he was happy here and I officially became a foster failure.  He is now a happy boy, even around men and will actually initiate contact with people now, going up and leaning on them for a pat.  He loves going for walks and especially loves car rides.  He has started to play with some toys and likes to throw things in the air and then chase them around.
CG's Publix
male/black  DOB: 6/22/2013

My name is now Buddy. I joined my forever family where I had two sisters, Katie and Deco.  Unfortunately, Katie left us too soon, but Deco and I have become fast friends.  We have a very loving Mom and Dad and the best life a guy like me could ever imagine.

 JA's Daytime
female/brindle  DOB: 4/12/2013
JAS Disassembler
female/red   DOB: 3/6/2011
Our pup, Uli, has blossomed into a sweet, smart, and playful girl. She is a sweetheart and great at following the rules, but also workin' it to get her way. She enjoys sleeping and playing with her squeeky toys, but also LOVES to go for walks. She is a very loved girl.  
  Into The Cosmo
female/brindle  DOB: 6/4/2012

Ozzie and Dora would like to introduce you to their new sister Piper!! They love her and they all get along greyt.   She's already destroying toys like a pro. :)

  JT Sky Rocket
female/black  DOB: 4/11/2013 

Sky is a wonderful addition to our family. She loves her walks and meeting neighborhood dogs. She's discovered how to play ball in the dog park. She loves to hang out with us and is a sweet, sweet girl. 
 Go On Grettel
female/brindle  DOB: 1/22/2013

Go On Grettel was her racing name.  She was only supposed to be with us for four days at Christmas. Now she is our Maizie and she is in her "furever" home. A beautiful 65 pound brindle made her way into our hearts in a very short time. She is a lady all around and our family is complete again after ten months without a dog. She loves our grandkids, other dogs and sleeping on the couch. She loves her walks complete with a warm lined coat and boots to keep her feet dry. She holds absolutely still while all her attire is put on. Maizie walks well on a leash and arrived potty trained. She barks inside the house when she wants out and "smiles"in her crazy way when we come home. With all those teeth showing you wonder what you did wrong, but she is happy. Other than not being a guard dog and not wanting to do our thirteen stairs she is our dream dog. Go, go, Maizie!

   CRT Fizz
male/black  DOB: 12/7/2013

Finn is blossoming into such an adorable fun dog. He started off shy & aloof, but in the two months that he's been home he has really come out of his shell and it is so wonderful to see his goofy, fun personality emerge. He gets along great with our yorkie Ollie, and even our 3 cats don't mind having him around!  What's really great is that we don't have to pick him up to put him in the truck anymore, he just jumps right in cause he knows that means we're going to the dog park! He loves walks, all you have to do is say the word & he's waiting by the door. He loves ear rubs, belly rubs, and all over fusses. We love him to pieces and want to thank MotorCity Greyhound Rescue for everything that you do & especially his foster mom Jennifer for giving him such a great start! 
 DKC Puppypalace
male/brindle  DOB: 7/16/2011

Prince came to his forever home the week before Christmas with a beautiful red bow tie and collar lovingly made by Fashionrooo his foster Mom. The family and friends were in and out for season visits so he got acquainted &. stole everyone's heart with his kind quiet and gentle manners His Dad takes Prince for a walk on the trails everyday and to pick me up at work so now he is known plus loved by our neighbours. Since I see Fort Malden Animal hospital in Amherstburg bi- weekly for payrolls Prince gets to visit Digby's Mom Dr. Beth and the friendly staff there. Our family is so happy to have Prince part of our lives. 
Cals Brew Crew
male/fawn  DOB: 4/16/2011
 Oaks Sparkle
female/white and black  DOB: 5/1/2013

This is our Lucy. She was adopted from MotorCity Greyhound just this past December. She was originally pretty shy and a little withdrawn. With a lot of patience, love and positive reinforcement this little girl has blossomed. She is so smart and playful now. She was just recently caught trying to open the front screen door with her nose. She had been very interested in the leaves blowing in the wind (time to keep the screen door locked)! It is so rewarding for us to see her become the dog she was meant to be. She just loves to snuggle and to run in circles in the yard. She loves her spot on the couch and has finally learned how to play with her toys. I just want to say thank you again to all of the staff at MotorCity Greyhound for all of their love and support along the way! You guys are so wonderful at what you do!!!
Kiowa Brookfall
female/fawn  DOB: 7/2/2012 

We call her Brook.  She is a very grateful dog with some princess tendencies.  She is sucker for lovings and will pretty much do anything for a good pet.  She will even do us the favor of stretching out so everyone can love on her at one time.  We have never had a problem with house training from the first day.  Every night she kisses the kids good night and wakes them up in the morning with more kisses.  The kids are something she is getting used to and she loves getting the kids off the bus (not to mention the extra lovings from the other kids at the stop.). Brook has also settled into jogging, as long as she decides that it is not too cold.  If she thinks it is too cold for her standards, then there is absolutely no chance of moving her.  She sleeps and smiles often.  She is a great for us and we are great for her. 
   BL Brenda
female/brindle  DOB: 6/10/13

I’m happy to say that my foster mom adopted me so I get to stay here with her and my big brother, Friday.  We have a big yard to run and play in, and she takes us for walks every day.  The beds are soft, the food is good, we get lots of treats and toys to play with.  I’m still very shy but am slowly coming out of my shell.

  Feelin Racey
male/black  DOB: 8/3/2012

Upon first coming into our home we began to call him Prince because he immediately made himself at home on our couch. It also was a name that played homage to our beloved Princess who had passed away recently. While in foster care his name was Franky. Well, in those first few days we mashed up Prince and Franky so often that we decided Prince Franky was the solution. Well, let's just say he liked Franky better and it has stuck. Franky is extremely cuddly and expressive and quite smart. He knows to wait until know one is looking to nab the food off the table or to grab a kids toy or to crawl onto the couch. Franky is a happy and fun dog who we all love. His kisses and nibbles tell us he likes us too.

  Atascocita Doe
female/red  DOB: 9/13/2013

Ashley is doing great in her new furever home.  From the first day she immediately started playing with her sister, Mya, chasing each other around the back yard and throwing toys around.  She is a very happy go lucky girl, with a constant wagging tail.  She is very care free and just goes with the flow, nothing bothers her.  She is extremely goofy and playful, and often caught napping with her tongue hanging out.  She is a perfect fit in our family.

female/white with red  DOB: 8/3/2012

Hello everyone! 
My new name is Rooney, chosen for me by the family I adopted, after much intense deliberation and debate. My name is Gaelic for "red-haired" and also "descended from a champion", which is awesome! The name Rooney originates from Ulster, the province in Northern Ireland that my new mom is from....and I'm just as pretty and cool as the actress Rooney Mara, so I really love it, and I understood that it was my new name right away!
My new family think I'm really special, and they shower me with love and affection and yummy treats. Everyone comments about how pretty and sweet I am, and you can see by my pictures that it's true! I love to go for walks, and my mom and dad marvel at how well-behaved I am on leash, and what a pleasure it is to take me out--I hardly even care about the squirrels now! Sometimes I go to Nonna's house and run circles around her yard, which I love, though in the spring she'll be planting a vegetable garden again, so we'll have to see about that!  I also like to visit my cousin Russell, a bishon frise,  when we go to Nonna's...he's a pretty cool guy. I like to collect my family's slippers and shoes and bring them to my crate...I don't chew on them or anything, though i will often lay right on top of them, or hide them in my blanket. I have lots of new toys that i love to play with, especially the ones that squeak! And my mom got me a nice warm coat, snood and fleecy to wear and i love to help put them on.
I'm still working on learning to live with my new brother Leo, the cat who spends all his time in the basement! I lived with two cats at my foster home, so we're all confident that it will work out. My foster family, Laura and Warren, taught me so much that my new family found the transition to their home pretty smooth, and are very grateful for all the love and guidance they gave me.
As you can see, my life is pretty amazing now and I'm really glad I adopted Phil, Sharon, Devon and Logan....They're always petting and hugging me, so I think they're really happy too! I can't thank Motor City Greyhound enough for bringing me to this loving home and I hope lots of my greyhound friends get to have this experience too.
  Platinum Tiara
female/black  DOB:  12/10/2012

Tiara came to our home as a very happy, enthusiastic foster.  It didn't take long for us to fall in love with her sweet, funny personality and realize that we wanted her to stay with us.  She and our male grey, Cue, are becoming quite a team.  Cue walks on leash much better with Tiara along and he helped her get past a fear of going in the yard after dark.  We anticipated it would take some time for her to venture out in the first snow but she loved it.  What fun to watch her jumping and leaping through it.  She is such a joy.

  JSK Josk
male/brindle  DOB: 9/8/2013
   PB's Otis
male/light brindle  DOB:  6/7/2011

Otis settled in right away after mastering our stairs in 2 tries! I believe that he rescued me, not the other way around. He is a scent and sight hound- loves to follow deer scent, and has taken me into the brush more than a few times. He loves his walks, and has made 5 new human friends as well as his buddy Russell, a beagle in my neighborhood. He does something that I feel is unique. When I'm cuddling and petting him, he sometimes pets me. It's different than the "pet me MORE" that most dogs do. He pets me back. I LOVE MY BOY!! 

   Braska Renaldo
male/black  DOB:  4/17/2013
   HS Optimus
male/black  DOB: 9/6/2011 
  Flying J Sherck
male/white with red  DOB:  3/11/2013

Titus is probably one of the more unique rescues for MotorCity Greyhounds.  First, he was rescued by a Jesuit priest in the Toledo area, and second, he spends his days supervising young men in a high school and junior academy.  As a companion to a priest he provides many hours of attention and care.  He has also become the priest’s exercise partner and knocked 10 pounds off the priest.  At the priest’s last check-up, his doctor marked in his records that he should “continue to exercise with Titus”.  As a school dog, it has been discovered that Titus is not a pure greyhound.  The way he works the halls for affection and the offices for treats, it is now quite obvious that Titus is 50% greyhound and 50% politician.  Look out presidential candidates, a new dog is in town.  The kids love Titus, and he certainly loves their attention in return. 

  JJ Jo Blow
male/brindle  DOB:  2/3/2014

Hi everyone, it's me, Bo!  Can you believe I was known as "Blow" at the kennel?  Isn't that horrible?  Well, I love my new name!  Daddy says I was named after Bo Duke.  Hehehe!!

I am such a lucky boy!  My family loves me soooo much!!  My parents tell me that I remind them of my brother in heaven, Red.  They say Red sent me to them to help their hearts heal. I think I'm doing a good job at that!  You know why else I'm lucky?  I have a new brother, Kramer AND a new sister, Molly!!  It was love at first sight with all of us and I feel like I've always been a part of my family! 
Thank you MCGR for making it possible for me to be with my new family. I love them as much as they love me! 


Love, Hugs, Nibbles and Tail Wags!!

  Killer Juliet
female/black  DOB: 7/15/2011

We are so happy to have Juliet as part of our family.  She has fit right in with her new greyhound sister M.J.  She also loves her human brother Danny, especially when there is food around!  She is very food oriented which helps with teaching her tricks.  My husband and I are so happy she is in our family.  She helps to fill a void in our heart from our greyhound mix Emmy that passed away in April.  In a way she has some of the same characteristics of our Emmy and we love her for that.  We can't wait to get to know her better each and every day.  Thank you to her foster family The Flicks for loving her and taking care of her until she got into her "fur"ever family.  Thank you MotorCity Greyhound Rescue for letting us adopt such a special girl.  The Burr's :)  

  Pat C Dark Hope
female/ black with white  DOB:  6/23/2013
  Pat C Lookie Lou
female/black  DOB: 5/23/2012 

Lookie Lou is a happy girl!  Her favorite playtime seems to be at 2AM. She is wide awake, barks to wake me up, run all over the bedroom with her "squeak toys" then falls asleep again, leaving me wide awake.  

I love her very much. She's an awesome dog. Here she is on her new daybed.
  Dakotas Ralf
male/red fawn DOB: 12/7/2009

Dakota's Story
(click here)

Bobby Gibson
male/brindle  DOB:  11/20/2011

 Bobby (now Odin) is doing great. He's settling into his new life well, and we just got back from our first trip, back to Windsor for an early Christmas where he was the centre of attention. He's conquered stairs and loves hanging out and watching TV with his roommates. He's still a bit shy around his cat-brother, but he's coming around. He loves meeting other dogs on walks and running around with other dogs in the fenced in park that just opened nearby. So happy to have this guy in my life! 

   MJR Just Baconit
male/red  DOB: 12/23/2012

Hi, I'm Rupert!  My racing name was Just Baconit and I like my new name much better.  I've been at my forever home for almost a month now and I'm settling in nicely.  I  have a little doggie sister I love to play with.  We paw at each other & she licks my face.  Daisy's very small, but very tough!  I try to steal her food & she growls at me until I go away!  I love to roam around in my new big backyard.  I keep out the squirrels & the bunnies.  That's my job.  I make my new mom & dad laugh.  They like it when I roo and I must say I'm quite good at it!  This one time, my mumma got me to roo outside, and I set all the neighborhood dogs to barking with me!  That was fun.  One of my favorite things to do is collect mom & dad's shoes.  I don't chew them. I just collect them, one at a time into a heap on my dog bed.  Another one of my favorite things is counter surfing!  I happen to be very tall, so it comes quite easily to me.  Mom & Dad just don't appreciate my counter surfing skills & Dad says we'll have to work on that, but I'm already so good, I don't know what he means!  I've already scored me some grilled hamburgers, some smoked salmon & some cream cheese!  I also enjoy shaking my stuffie toys until the stuffing comes out and playing tuggie with Daisy.  I let her think she's winning for a little bit, then I just take it from her, because I'm the big dog!

My foster family was very nice & they did a great job preparing me for my forever home.  Now that I'm here, I've gained a few pounds & my fur is even growing back!  I love my forever family!  Thank you, MotorCity Greyhound Rescue!

   Omega Star
female/black  DOB:  2/1/2011

Star(fish) is a sweet, curious and fun little girl! She's not afraid of the unknown but loud noises do make her jump. When nothing comes of the noise, she's back to curious in a flash.  She wakes up every morning ready to play with a ball or a frisbee or even an old sheepskin slipper. She does her best to flush out every squirrel from the tall grasses nearby. She follows her oldest brother everywhere and learns both bad and good from him and Noodle.
She's in her favorite sleep position in one photo here and with her brothers, Bubba and Noodle.


Kiowa Job Jane
female/brindle  DOB:  11/24/2013

Savannah is settling in well in her new home. She is very sweet, happy, and playful.  It didn't take long for her to become friends with our cat, Oscar. We brought her to the family cottage and she enjoyed dipping her toes into the lake. We discovered a small dog park that is walking distance from our home where she loves to run around and play. She has to say hi to every dog and person that passes her by. We are so thankful for our new addition to our family. Thanks MotorCity Greyhound for all your help and work in bringing these wonder animals into good homes.


Kennys Rangerdog
male/black  DOB:  9/12/2011

 Slim has settled in very quickly and stole our hearts within minutes of meeting him! He loves his squeaky toys - sometimes at 3am, so we have learned to keep those downstairs! The stairs were a bit of a challenge but with a little patience and encouragement he is now a master! He also recently learned how comfortable the couch and bed are - he hasn't looked back since! He has met many dog friends (big and small) - there are even two other greyhounds in his neighbourhood! We couldn't be happier with our first greyhound - Slim is the BEST! 

   Cayenne Willie
male/brindle  DOB: 8/23/2010

Devil Anse
male/red  DOB:9/1/2013

Devil Anise- Now known as Reggie has stole our hearts. He loves to be where ever we are. He thinks he is king of the couch and will sneak in between anyone to find his space. He loves to people watch out our front window. My husband jokes he is like picking up after a toddler. Since he loves to drag every toy out of his toy basket and bring every shoe one at a time daily into our living room. He has adjusted so easily to our home. He has learned to go up and down stairs but prefers to stay on our main floor. He also spins in circles when he is looking for his perfect spot to "potty"  Anyone who meets this kind and gentle guys loves him.  He loves to lounge with our Vizsla Gulliver and is very gentle with our cats.

male/red  DOB: 4/22/2013

Marrakesh will now be called Sundance.  We picked this name because he, with his stunningly handsome face and red hair, reminds us of Robert Redford who played the screen version of the Sundance Kid.  Apart from being very charming, sweet and smart, Sundance has one attribute that is unmistakable – a constantly wagging tail.  If he is really excited, you will hear the “happy roo,” something his new Mom & Dad never experienced with their previous eight greyhounds.  He enjoys his daily walks but equally loves to snooze on the couch (especially on your lap!) and receive endless belly rubs.  Every new person he meets is already a friend to Sundance.  We are truly overjoyed that he has let us, along with his two greyhound sisters, be his Mom and Dad and provide him with his forever home! 

   O Ya Strawberry
female/brindle  DOB: 1/4/2013

Bristol settled in quickly...within the first few hours she had curled up on the bed with the other 2 dogs and a she had always been a part of our family..she is happy, playful and loves kissing...we spend a lot of time at our trailer where we go for many walks daily...everyone we camp with loves soon as someone just says her name the excitement starts..and the tail goes around and around...she is awesome with all people big and small...she loves to be with her mommy and goes for lots of car home she runs and plays in The back yard.  She has been to the nursing home to visit the elderly...she is so calm and gentle...she stand next to their wheelchairs and gets the pats on the head...she has brought us so much joy....I could never imagine my life without night she starts in bed with us....sometimes so close I have to spoon her lol..when she discovered toys (.the first night) she spent all night squeaking them lol.   we have never crated her in the house and she has never done a bad the trailer we have an x pen...she enjoyed laying in her swimming pool on hot days...we are picking up her winter coat tomorrow! She has no problem sharing her bed with the other dogs or cats..she has gained 8lbs since being off the track..she is healthy and happy..the vet says she is perfect...but we already knew that!....Thank You MotorCity Greyhound for rescuing her! I'm so glad she is mine! 


Mad Dog Madison
male/dark brindle  DOB: 4/3/2011

Our Sawyer opens up a little more every day like a soft closed up sweet flower bud to a opened blooming rose with his gentle layered petals. He gets along great with our Doberman,little chihuahua mix and five cats. He responds to low key verbal corrections and is very senitive catching on to what is expected of him very quickly. He has been a wonderful camping companion sleeping comfortably after the first night of adjusting to the sounds outside our tent, of course I think it helped him when he "talked" me into letting him sleep on the big air mattress with me. He continues show us more of who is as he discovers the things he loves; Car rides,meeting new people, walks in the woods,and especially laying in the grass in the sun. My partner and I are so grateful for this sensitve loving boy and all that he teaches us about life! 

   Jhawk Scatmanjoe
male/black  DOB:  6/4/2012

Zak is such a fantastic dog and he has completed our family. He loves his squeaky toys and walks and he especially loves when it time to eat ! He devours the bowl in minutes when he hears the bag crinkle he gets all excited and his tail spins like a helicopter. Zak used to be petrified of our set of stairs but within one week he was running up and down them without a thought! We are super proud of our boy for settling in so well.  He quickly grew fond of my many family members and nieces and nephews and loves when we scratch behind his ears. :) He gets a long so well with his fellow rescue hound formally known as Barts Raven. The 2 are so cute together he doesn't even mind when she takes his bed haha ! My favorite part about Zak is when I get home from work and he is waiting at the door for me tail spinning and all ! He gets so happy that I'm home that he actually hugs me. He wraps his body around my legs and when I step away he wraps around again and won't let me go.  Our lives have been so exciting and happy over the last month and I am absolutely in love. <3 

  JA's Kate Hudson
female/red  DOB:  4/19/2012
   Braska Bumblebee
male/white and black  DOB: 11/20/2010

It’s been slightly over a month since we’ve adopted our Ziggy (aka Braska Bumblebee). We knew adopting a greyhound would be great but we didn’t realize we would fall in love so fast- our cat even likes him! Ziggy is so sweet and makes us laugh every single day, mostly due to his absence of knowing his own size (85 lbs!!!). He enjoys his daily walks, rides in the car and eating anything he can get his paws on. Our favorite traits about Ziggy are how social he is- his love for kids and others make him very popular in our neighborhood and his affection towards us- he is always giving kisses and loves to cuddle. We are so grateful for Motorcity Greyhound Rescue for pairing us with the perfect companion! 

   CJ's Summer Rain
female/red DOB:  10/12/2011

Beautiful Summer has had her struggles adjusting to her new home.  Fearful of some people, linoleum floors and male voices.  After a month it has been so heart warming to see her gradually work through her challenges.  She is an amazing companion.  We enjoy long walks, which do wonders for her stress and confidence.   She may be one of the sweetest souls I have ever met.  I will also add very patient with my cats.  At first she was not sure of their disapproving stares, now they all sleep close to each other.  If I did not live in an apartment I would want another one.  I cannot thank MCGR people enough!  I have been given so much support and encouragement. They matched me up with my soulmate dog!

   Lucky Wookie
female/red brindle  DOB: 12/30/2004

Lucky Wookie is an unusual case as far as rescued track dogs go.  She was used for breeding and came to MCGR at age 10.  As far as we know, Wookie has had several litters and 23 of her offspring either raced or are currently racing.
She's been with us for more than a year and while we have a full house with three other adopted dogs, we decided to keep her.  As the saying does, there's always room for one more.
Wookie treats the gang like a litter of pups.  She's very protective and doesn't take any crap from dogs in the neighborhood that bark at us on our walk.  And she's spry for 11.  Wookie tears around the back yard with her surrogate litter.
Wookie is rangy - probably the largest female we've ever seen.  But there's plenty of room for her on the couch, which is her favorite spot.  She really likes to stretch out and often roaches while sleeping.  In fact, when Wookie first heard we decided to adopt her, she promptly jumped on the couch, rolled over and fell asleep.

   Kay Tuck Driver
male/brindle  DOB:  6/29/2013

Tucker (formerly Kay Tuck Driver) has had few issues adjusting to his new home.  There were some initial linoleum floor slips that made him nervous for a little bit, but after some time and bribery with treats he is now comfortable with all the floors and traverses the house without issue.  After the first couple days home he decided that the couch was way more comfortable than his dog bed and most of the time he can be found splayed out sleeping on his favorite spot when he’s not checking on me.  He is extremely affectionate and loves meeting new people so that he can get petted more.  

He is learning to walk well on leash and loves long treks down the local trails that have plenty of new smells and experiences.  He has gotten along well with the large variety of people and dogs that pass on the trail as well and gets lots of compliments for his behavior.  Tucker has also very much enjoyed going to the Greyhound play dates and hanging out with other Greys.

I feel very fortunate to have found Tucker and thank MCGR and his foster mom for their support and encouragement.
   Jax Bikini
female/brindle  DOB:  1/27/2012

My name was Jax Bikini but I'm now known as Jaxie.  I spent a long time with a great foster family.  I thought no one would ever adopt me due to my bum leg.  I fractured my leg at the track and it didn't heal properly.  Luckily it doesn't cause me any pain and I will use it when I need to, mostly to run in the yard.
I can be quite a stubborn girl, like pretending to not hear my name being called or not doing what people want me to.  I don't like my nails to be trimmed and am afraid of thunder or loud noises.  I have been known to have a few accidents but I make up for it by being really sweet.  Did I mention I have nice teeth?
Let's try to forget about the two times I chewed the molding by the baby gate.  I was just trying to get out and explore or maybe I was afraid - I forget!  Could we also forget about the numerous holes I've dug in the yard?  Why does someone keep filling the holes in so I have to dig them up again?
I'm finally getting used to my human companion's schedule.  I guess she has to work to be able to buy nice stuff for me.  I sometimes have to share my bed and toys with another dog, Toby, who is small and fluffy.  For some reason, Toby doesn't want to play with me.  If you have a dog who likes to play, please stop by and visit!

  Flying Dog Truck
male/black  DOB:  7/15/2013

male/white with red  DOB: 7/20/2012

Reed has been with us for one month now and is a lovely,sweet boy. He is all white except one patch of red on his butt and really unique looking. He loves his walks, of course squeaky toys and the Sunday Greyhound run with his friends in Kitchener. We love him and he is enjoying retirement with his new sister Callie.

   Deco Debbie Jane
female/fawn  DOB:  4/24/2013

Our lurcher, Katie, needed a friend as she had not been the same since we lost our other lurcher.  We didn't have a preference in the greyhound we adopted, we just knew we would start by fostering so that we could get a good match for Katie.  Well, Deco arrived and she was the perfect match!  Katie has never let anyone sleep on her bed until Deco!  The girls enjoy running in the 3.5 acre fenced area of our yard and walking the trails in the woods.  Deco was a little shy at first, but she has really come out of her shell.  Deco has found not only a place in Katie's heart but a place in ours as well.

  Whynot Damon
male/black  DOB: 2/2/2012

Sonny came from a track in Alabama with the name WhyNot Damon.  We met Sonny in April when his foster "parents" brought him over to spend some time with us.  Out of the three dogs we met that weekend we knew that Sonny would be a great fit because of his gentle, yet playful demeanor.  He has settled in very well with our busy little family.  He loves being in the middle of all the action.  He plays chase with our kids in our back yard and sits in on story time almost every night before bed.  You will often find our boys driving little matchbox cars over Sonny's back, crawling under him, hugging him and feeding him bananas every chance they get. After the kids go to bed, Sonny sprawls out as close to us as possible. He follows his new "mom" around so much that we joked about changing his name to shadow. Sonny has learned all the rules of the house relatively quickly and is getting along great with our little 8 year old Terrier Daisey.  They have even joined forces in keeping the squirrels out of our yard! 


We are so happy to have Sonny in our lives.  He is the perfect combination of funny, sweet and loving.  We feel so lucky to have found him - we are looking forward to many happy years with our Sonny Boy :)
   Jax Waikiki
female/black  DOB: 10/21/2011

Hi!  My new name is Sansa.  My foster mom called me KiKi and my racing name was Jax Waikiki.  I really love my new Mom, Dad and older sister, Kaylee (she maybe smaller than all of us, but she rules the house).  I'm scared of all new things, but my sister and mom have really helped me see that once I get used to something, it isn't so scary.  My tail was cropped before I went to my foster mom's house, but it is starting to wag here is my furever home.  I'm sure that it'll wag more like big sister's tail as I gain more and more confidence.  Mom stays at home with me (she is a stay at home doggie mom).  Dinner is always delicious (and comes with gravy- I learned that if I don't eat, mom will put lots of tasty treats on the dry kibble to get me to eat). Mom says that for each of our (mine and Kaylee's) special days (adoption day and birthday) we get our own steak.  I'm looking forward to my birthday in October. 

Thank you MotorCity for helping me find a very loving furever family! 
Happy barks and Roos,

   Atascocita Tune
female/red  DOB: 3/6/2012

"Toonie" and "Bo" are our 3rd generation of "Adopted Greyhounds."  Toonie looks so much like our beloved "Mia" that passed away on April 9, 2014.  She has a lot of the same characteristics as well. Her "Foster" parents (Diane & Paul) did an excellent job in preparing her for adoption. The only thing she has to learn is walking on a leash without leaning on you in the process. We have devised a method using a broom handle which is the same length as her leash to keep her distance from you. After using this device twice, she is now walking without the leaning effect.....

  Kiowa Underthumb
male/fawn  DOB:  10/30/2010
  O Ya Top Gun
male/black  DOB:  5/8/2012 

Well you remember Zeus as crazy Larry. When we first came to pick up the dogs nobody wanted him. Everybody had picked their dogs. When we  brought him home he had so many wounds and scars. He was also very skinny with all his ribs and spine showing. He was very scared of everything but yet he was also so curious of everything. Within the first week he had developed a lot of anxiety. So my husband didn't leave him at home. He went every where with my husband. He was a frequent visitor at the bank and the grocery store. He is now well known in our area. He even gets treats at the bank.  Frequent visits to the dog park has brought him out of his shell. He now knows to fetch a ball and loves to play.  He now weights 97lbs. He has filled out well. He still thinks that he is a lap dog. He has learned his name very well and answers to it. He also knows the command to stop and sit. He has made my husband fall in love with him and the rest is history.
   Barts Raven
female/red brindle  DOB: 4/24/2011

Raven (formally Barts Raven) has been adjusting very well. She was sick with a couple infections for the first couple weeks. But after some rest and medication she started to open up to us. She shares the bed with us and even has her own pillow lol. Loves to be scratched, petted and cuddled. Has a very calm sweet nature about her. Car rides are funny because she won't lay down in the car. I have bought her a few different toys but seems to not care about them. She is wonderful around children, adjusted to my nieces and nephew well. I think she likes the attention she gets from them. She does though always have her eye out for the cats, rats and squirrels in the alley behind our house. When we get ready for walks she jumps off all fours and head butts you with excitement then licks your face. As much as she loves us, she does like to have her down time away from us but always happy to see us :)  She has really brought joy to our home and so excited to have her in our lives for years to come.

   Braska Putz
male/blue fawn DOB: 3/17/2012

Olaf, formerly "Braska Putz", is a big suck. He was named Olaf after it was apparent that all he wanted was warm hugs, like the snowman in the Disney movie "Frozen".

He experienced severe separation anxiety when he first came home.  He now goes to day camp where he is definitely the star and comes home every day with wonderful report cards.  Apart from his separation anxiety, Olaf adapted to home life very well. He loves his sister, a kitty named America. He enjoys running with his mom and learning new tricks.  Every day, Olaf gains more confidence and comes out of his shell a little more.

Olaf is very grateful for the love and support he has received from the greyhound community, especially from his foster mom, Stephanie. 

HS Kansas
female/white with brindle  DOB:  1/27/2013
I took Kacie (Kansas) home two weeks ago with the intention to foster.  She settled in immediately and is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met! (Though, I may be a little biased….)  She was so sweet and loving, in fact, fostering didn’t last long.  Four days later, I officially adopted Kacie.  She’s extremely friendly with people and other animals.  She loves to run and play with her new buddy, Jax (Garvey).  Kacie is the first dog I’ve ever had, so I’m still learning the ropes as a new dad.  I’m sure she has lots to teach me.  I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made to give such a friendly, loveable dog her “forever home”. 

  JA's Bettles
female/red  DOB: 8/24/2010 

Rory, formerly JA Bettles, has been with us for nearly 2 months now but I hardly remember what is was like without her. She has added so much joy and energy to our house and we couldn't be happier. She is a playful girl who loves her toys and loves going for walks. She is excellent on her leash so walking her is great for us all. She also gets along well with our cats and we love watching her get in her crazy sleeping positions. Rory has been a great addition to our family and we are so grateful to everyone at MotorCity Greyhounds.
   Regall Eddy
male/black  DOB:  6/18/2011

We just wanted to let you all know that we are absolutely in love with Eddy!  He is an absolute angel - he has settled in so perfectly, not a single moment of hesitation, he just plopped himself down on Alex's lap on the ride home from Windsor on Sunday, and hasn't looked back!  He's so good about going to pee and poo outside, he's incredibly friendly to everyone in the house, and all our visitors - we have a very big family and everyone has come over to meet him, and even if he's lying on his cushion or a couch, he'll jump up and greet a new friend.  He is self-assured, loving, playful, gentle and very intelligent.  Alex is teaching him to walk nicely on his leash, and he is responding so well, he's such a fast learner, and just wants to please.  We are amazed at how well adjusted he is, and what a seamless transition he has had into his new home.

We wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful work you do, and for making it possible for us to give this wonderful dog his forever home.
   Roc A By Naughty
female/black brindle  DOB: 4/18/2011

Roxy has been home for a couple months now.  She is settled in very nicely, and is ecstatic that it is finally spring, and she doesn't have to slip on the ice during walks.  A nap in the sun has quickly become a favorite pastime. She comes running when she hears the Magic Cabinet of Treats or the Laundry Room Door Where My Food Is being opened.  She has figured out all the best places to lay to keep an eye on two people at once.  She is truly a wonderful, happy dog.  We would like to sincerely thank MCGR for her and all their hard work, and her foster parents Julie and Jon for doing an outstanding job helping her adjust.
   HS Monroe
male/black  DOB: 3/11/2010

HS 'Moose' Monroe joined our family in mid-January, 2015. At three years of age, he follows in the paw-prints of our beloved first greyhound, Gunther Augustus (d. 2014), and has claimed his rightful place among the animals of the household. Since coming home, Moose has captured our hearts by his adorable daily greetings, his love of play, his gentle regard for our cats, and his terrific behavior! Monroe has met dozens of friends, children, and other dogs since his adoption, and he has never met a stranger! It's possible that Moose missed his calling as a steeplechase racer--he's famous for running in the backyard and cresting the snowdrifts with athletic ease and grace. We feel so honored that Moose has shown us nothing but love, appreciation, and lots of kisses! Some of Moose's favorite activities include playing with his blue dragon, barking at the postal worker, whacking visitors in the shins with his helicopter tail, watching sports with his dad, going for long walks in the snow, being photogenic, and tolerating the company of two persnickety kitties. Our home has never felt more complete, and we remain truly and deeply grateful to Motor City Greyhounds for its dedication and passion to rescued racers.  
   Atascocita Aggie
female/fawn  DOB:  7/23/2010
  Speedy McQuick
male/red fawn DOB:  9/6/2010

Hi. My name is Kramer. Formerly Speedy McQuick. I was recently adopted by my new parents and my new little sister Molly. Woohoo. I am doing great and I love my new family. My sister and I play chase in the back yard every day. I love it. My happy tail always hits my new sister right in the nose and she just shakes it off.  We get along like we've lived together forever. I love going for walks and car rides in my van. I am getting used to climbing stairs. I find going up very easy. Going down I don't care for too much but I do them my way. I jump the last 3 steps. Hehehe. I love to be hugged and finally I love my doggie beds I am on them 23 hours a day. I still won't go the couch or jump on my mommy and daddy's bed. Even though they want me too. 

Thank you MotorCity for finally uniting me with my loving forever family that I've been waiting for. 

  Love, Hugs, and Happy Tail Wags 

  Jax Iola
female/brindle  DOB: 10/23/2012

We have settled in and definitely feel like a little family! We love Olive so much!!! She is the cuddliest, sweetest, and most gentile little hairy girl we could have asked for. She LOVES the snow and her fabulous winter wear. She also enjoys showing off how speedy she is at the dog park. Her knee hasn't been an issue at all and the vet says she is in wonderful health. When not being insanely playful, or hunting for peanut butter, she is sleeping or flipping onto her back for belly rubs. 


Thank you so much for all that you and your team at Motor City Greyhound do for these dogs (and for the people who love them). We've had such a wonderful experience working with you to get and adjust to having Olive. 
  Kay Snap Season
female/brindle  DOB:  4/26/2013 

 Hitman Hearns
male/black  DOB: 1/2/2010

 Jet has been the perfect addition to our family. He is a very gentle and relaxed guy. He is always happy to go for long walks through forest trails. He loves going for rides in the truck, where he sits his butt on the back seat and the rest of his body on the center console so he can be up front with us. He always loves meeting new people. He responds very well to training and soon will be my helper for new dogs in need of guidance. 
I would like to thank everyone at motorcity greyhound for a truly life changing experience, and all your hard work to make these amazing animals live a long and happy retirement.

   Quirky Culpepper
female/red  DOB:  4/11/2011
  OK Sprit
male/white with brindle  DOB: 10/17/2012

 While we thought we were 'just' fostering, Raleigh never had any doubt that he'd found his forever home. He settled in and took over as alpha dog the moment he walked into our house. Our older, incredibly timid grey, Lucy Lou Who, took to him right away. We had lost our first greyhound a year before and she missed him. But Raleigh quickly became her big brother and she has blossomed. We feel blessed to have found such a friendly, charming and delightful dog in Raleigh. He makes us laugh with his antics and loving disposition. 


Jax Gomer
male/brindle  DOB: 5/24/2010

 I could write a novel about Jake. He's fantastic. He didn't make a sound on his two hour ride home, was busy looking out the window when he wasn't laying down. Jake and his five sisters sniffed each other thru the baby gate about five minutes after that they acted like he was here for years. Amazing how they adjusted at once. Jake follows me every where even to the bathroom. He is a lover and wants pets all the time the girls also want more pets then usual. He sleeps on his blanket, curled up in a ball next to my recliner and they all sleep as close as possible to each other its great. I've never had one love to watch TV like he does especially when an animal comes on the screen he gets as close as possible to the screen and when they go off the screen he looks behind the TV to see where they went. He is so funny to watch. I had to spray water on him a couple of times because he gets too excited and jumped on the TV I was sure it was going to fall over. He's still has trouble walking with the leash but he's very smart so he'll get it. He is beautiful and we love him very much.

  TP Wheeling
female/brindle  DOB:  1/22/2012
   JC's Fireblast
male/red fawn  DOB: 6/15/2012

Henry is the newest member of our family, he is an awesome dog, so sweet and so gentle. He has a sister named Jurzey (Whippet/BorderCollie), they really hit it off. They do everything together Henry has learned a lot from Jurzey, they love going for long walks on the trails, running and tearing around the backyard. Henry also lives with three kitties which he just loves. Everyday more of Henry's personality comes out. His newest thing is doing the foot stomp with his front legs to initiate   play. Loves meeting new people and giving kisses, he also enjoys playing with balls and stuffy toys. We love him so much he is such a joy and so lovable we just can't stop squeezing him with hugs all the time, we are so grateful that Henry is now part of our family. Henry had an awesome loving foster family who really took good care of him which made his transition into our family very smooth. We as Henry's new family and Henry would like to thank Sheran and Andreja so much for taking such good care of Henry  :-) 

Jax Garvey
male/brindle  DOB: 5/24/2010

Jax Garvey is the newest addition to my family. As soon as I brought him home he settled in very well. He adjusted instantly with his 5 pound sister, BamBam. Jax is very patient with BamBam as she has adjusted to  having another dog around after being an only dog for 9 years. He is very gentle, playful, calm, and friendly. He loves to go on his walks and runs every day. His favorite toy is his green frog and he loves his dog biscuits. He likes car rides and looks forward to trips to Grandma’s because she spoils him with treats and toys. BamBam and I are so fortunate to have Jax as a member of our family.


 Jax Darla
female/red fawn DOB: 9/29/2005

 Hi  My name is JaxDarla but Mom & Dad just call me Darla. I came to stay with them as a foster on 05-22-14 and on 10-8-14 they adopted me! I have 2 other senior sisters, all of us are the same color, so sometimes mom has to go thru the list when she talks to me. I have tried to be very good but sometimes I have to move things around just to keep them on their toes. Nothing major though. We have a big back yard to run and usually get a walk everyday.  We live in the country so I have alot of little critters to look at. I am so thankful to MotorCity Greyhound Rescue for letting me come to their house. I love their new great grandbaby and try to give her lots of kisses. Here are some of my beauty shots. Love Darla

  NB's Drone
male/black brindle  DOB: 8/10/2011
   Flat Out Halla
female/brindle  DOB: 11/4/2010

Halla came to MCGR with a broken leg in Nov 2013 and had surgery shortly after her arrival.  She was not the most pleasant patient..ripping and chewing her cast off almost daily! We spent a lot of time going to see Dr. Baird.  During that healing time, she fell in love with her care givers and they fell in love with her too.  When it was time to give her up..we knew she was already home.  Halla is the most loving and happy greyhound I have ever met.  She constantly wags her tail and loves to give many kisses to everyone she meets! She has been an amazing addition and loves spending time with Shorty and Charlie, her partners in crime! Her leg is healed and she still favors it, but she doesn’t let that stop her by any means! 


Flyin Teach City
female/red  DOB: 8/4/2011

 Roz has settled into her new home so well. She is such a happy dog and she just wants to be with people. After her new dad leaves for work, she brings all her toys to the door and leaves them as presents for when he comes home.  Roz loves to nap with her new mom, going for walks with her doggy friends and is loving being spoiled rotten by her new family. We are so grateful for Roz to be in our lives!  


Gale Grace
female/black  DOB: 5/29/2010

 Elvira "Elvie-Grace"  has settled in very well and LOVES her brother Onyx (AMF Can-Do), and her mom of course!  Elvie will follow her big brother everywhere and will even poop when he poops! She is really starting to relax and feel secure now and is constantly on the go. She greets her mom every morning with gentle air snaps, licks and a very happy attitude. She adores car rides and will stand and stick her nose out of the window for the entire trip. She is very alert and enjoys seeing different places and meeting new people and doggies of all kinds. She was super high prey drive at first but after 2 weeks she learned to walk very nicely on the lead and no more darting after small animals. Elvie loves stuffies and will play with her brother and other dogs very nicely. She even fetches! She knows her name, sit, drop it, leave it, up, back back, and wait,  in part because she watches her brother Onyx so intently that he has helped to teach her. She has a lot of energy, spirit and love in a very sweet and small package. Our little family is complete with the addition of loveable little Elvira!


female/black  DOB: 3/16/2012
 Well things are going great with Daisy...I have to start with the first day we picked her up...Her foster mom lived in Windsor, so we had to bring her across the border...Of course I picked the slowest line ( the agent took forever with each vehicle)...As we pulled up to the booth, both my wife and I we're a little nervous not having done this before...we gave him the paperwork and he wanted us to roll the rear window down....Well there went Daisy sticking her head out the window...The agent got the biggest smile on his face ( which I don't think happens to often on his job) he said what a beautiful dog she was, we told him about Motorcity Greyhound rescue he took down the information and waved us through, with him waving to Daisy as we left ( she's a charmer!!!)...She adjusted well at the house ( we had to help her go upstairs, but she mastered that in just 2 days)...She is a calm loving dog who just starved for attention and loving....She has her own bed in our room and loves to sleep with us....She got to know the neighbors on our walks and they just love her...We want to thank all the dedicated volunteers who help make this wonderful organization work...thanks again Greg and Laurie ( your new ambassadors to Greyhound rescue) 

  Mikey Espo
male/black  DOB: 2/1/2009
   P Kay Buy
female/red  DOB: 10/18/2010 

Penny is a quiet girl who loves a good belly rub anytime.  She came to live with us and her new brother Sid and now they are best friends.  Penny's favourite things are walks, naps and chasing squirrels in the back yard.  Because everything is a new experience for her, she mostly just follows the lead of her more experienced brother Sid, who has taught her things like playing with toys, getting into the car, and collecting items throughout the house to bring back to her cushion.  Penny gets along great with everyone she meets.  

   AMF Boppin Along
male/brindle  DOB: 10/1/2009

Jack has settled so nicely in his new home. He is very active in the morning. We hear him trotting around the house looking for a toy to bring back to his bed and squeak.....repeatedly. He gets along great with his 'sister' Cali.... even tries to play with her. Jack love's to go for walks and gets so excited when you grab his leash he almost knocks you over ! He is always so happy to see who ever walks through our door and greets them with licks. Jack loves his neck scratched and belly rubs. We are so happy to add Jack to our lives! 


Kiowa June Bug
female/dark fawn  DOB:  3/27/2011

June Bug, now called Isis, is a really sweet girl. She's had a lot to adapt to, but she's been learning everything very quickly. She adores sleeping and will happily curl up on a couch and doze for hours. When she wants to play, she barks a lot, spins in circles, and throws all her toys around. She likes to chase us and be chased too. When we get home, or it's time to go outside, she gets really excited and air snaps. She likes to give kisses and doesn't mind being a pillow once in awhile. She almost never chases the cat, and the two are actually getting along well. She is also now friends with my mom's poodle, Hazel. 

   SJ's Movin Train
male/white and black  DOB:  3/27/2012

Ruger (SJ's Movin Train) has really made himself at home. Ruger has been with us for about a month now and it has been so much fun having him in our home!  He loves to snuggle in bed with us and always wants to be with his people. Ruger is getting along well with our cat, Penelope, and all of the dogs that come to play. He can be very lazy and loves to nap all day. He hasn't gotten the hang of playing yet but he really enjoys being outside and going on walks. He loves to watch animals in the backyard and will occasionally try to "play" with them. Ruger is a sweet loving boy who is beginning to come out of his shell and show us more of his personality. We love him to pieces and are so happy to have him!


  WW's Tear Jerker
male/dark brindle  DOB: 6/1/2011

Much love and hope for our dear Timber. 

   Jax Grant
male/brindle  DOB: 5/24/2010
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