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  Adding Another
male/red fawn  DOB:10/7/2013

We are so happy with Omar! He has already become part of our family and loves to follow us around the house. HIs favorite hobby is finding our hats so he can pick them up and bring them back to his bed. He also enjoys going to Belle Isle to explore and meet other dogs. He always wants to jump in the car and go for a ride so he can cruise around Detroit with his head out of the window. He has been a pleasure to have around and has become a mini-celebrity in our neighborhood since he loves meeting everyone he passes. 
  TP Giblet
female/dark brindle  DOB:  10/21/2014

 Daisy is a great girl and we are so happy to have her in our family. She gets along great with her dog and cat brothers.  She has learned to go up and down the back stairs with great success. She is starting to play a bit. I am sure with the warmer weather on the way she will be playing in the back yard all the time. I hope she is as happy with us as we are with her.

  Flyin Katy Perry
female/red   DOB: 3/21/2012

Our Red Girl travelled a VAST distance to drop anchor in her forever headquarters in Whitby, Ontario.  Hence we named her “ATLAS”.  Atlas has effortlessly become a loyal segment of our family.  She delivers an equal percentage of fondness to all five of us.  Her tail is in a constant whirling frenzy. She LOVES to inhale her food and treats.  If her kooky body mannerisms during her naps could say it all, we think she is unquestionably complacent with her new title as house pet.  Atlas has reached her destination. We LOVE her.  She is VERY fulfilled.  
  Kenro Kursk
female/red  DOB: 5/11/2013
  KJO Kinggeorge
male/black  DOB:  5/26/2014

It’s been two months how we have welcomed silly Gus into our lives.  We knew he was a loving funny boy, but we had no idea we were adopting a crazy ball of energy that enjoys Boy bands and 90’s hip hop.  In the last 60 days, he has mastered the stairs, figured out the wobbler (after two hours of trial and error), learned he loves to hike, decided he is in no way a vegetarian and finally started a fight with a cat resulting in his newest accessory-the cone of shame.  Our nieces have gotten used to his extreme excitement and the whipping powers of his tail, or his butt hand as it has come to be known around here.
There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t surprise us with his way of looking at things that make us scratch our heads and chuckle.  Today we are working on why is his bed comfortable enough for his whole body, but not his head? 
It is without a doubt that brining Gus into our home was one of the best decision we have made and we are looking forward to more adventures which seem to happen on an hourly basis.
  ST's Jerry Rice
female/brindle  DOB:  6/26/2013
  Superior Ottawa
female/white and black  DOB:  7/1/2012

Elsa....My sweet girl fits in well in her new home.  She loves the little ones and she sleeps funny too.  She has learned going up and down stairs so now it is much easier for us both to go to bed.  I love her so much.  Thank You MCGR for everything you do to find loving homes for these beautiful Greys.

  CT Lipstick
female/brindle  DOB: 11/9/2014

Pixel is a sweet silly girl that found her forever home with us very quickly, she settled in very easily and became the princess of the house! She loves her five cat "sisters" and her best fur friend Lexi! She is beyond loved and so spoiled. Everything she owns is pink, she especially loves her pink flamingoes and her pink panther squeak toys. She loves going out to MCGR meet ups and I'm sure you'll see her there, she'll be the little pink princess!  

  Flying Hoder
male/red brindle  DOB:  9/27/2014

  I already knew Alfie was "our" dog when I saw his profile picture, he just had the sweetest face! We picked him up in January,  and it took him a couple of weeks to come out of his shell and blossom into the funny flouncy, bouncy, happy dork that he is. He is so sweet with everyone that he meets, kids, adults and other dogs, and lets our cats boss him around. He has zero prey drive, even letting a chunky squirrel boop him on the nose.
 He's not a super cuddler but he will lean on ya like there is no tomorrow and omg those he love face rubs.  He also sometimes sleep with his eyes open.

What a great pup, thank you so much for bringing him into our lives.
  Ponda's Soil
male/black  DOB: 2/1/2014
  Hanky Spanky
male/brindle  DOB:  3/7/2014
  Jax Baron
male/dark brindle  DOB: 1/27/2012 

Jax. Wow, not sure how to start. He's different. Not a bad kind of different. Just different from all the other breeds of dogs in our house. The Rottweiler is playful, protective and has to be the center of everything. The Australian Shepherd is the boss and needs to make sure that I am doing everything right and the other dogs are in order. The Boston Terrier is a clown. He also feels as if he owns my lap. He snorts and barks and snores loudly. Jax is a quiet and regal. He follows me everywhere. When I go to bed at night, I fall asleep with his head on my chest or on top of my head. He does not get overly excited. He sits and watches the goings on in the house. I have noticed that he likes rides. He is not very vocal, but once in a while he will bark at all his housemates to get them or us to play, for 5 minutes, then he's back to the couch. He has become my Emotional Support Animal because of his laid back personality. It was going to be my Aussie, but she gets too nervous. Not Jax. He's cool as a cucumber. He fits right in with us all, cats included.  Rauch Family
  Cedar Coleen
female/brindle and white  DOB:  11/28/2012

MJ (Mary Jane) connected with us right off the start. We had the tough decision of choosing between two beautiful greys, but MJ made it easy- it was almost like she chose us! She has been with us just over a month and she is loving her forever home. We couldn't imagine our home without her! She was home-sick to start, but has slowly been coming out of her shell- but her quirkiness is shining through more and more. 
As soon as she hears us pull in the driveway after work- she greets us with a wagging tail and roos loudly with excitement. We have also found that she likes to covet our belongings while we are away. She is famous for taking our boots and flip flops with her around the house and likes to keep them in her bed. Thankfully she just keeps them with her and doesn't chew them! She also loves her walks- where she has gotten several complements from the neighbours about how pretty she is! 
We love MJ and we are so thankful for Motor City and the foster parents who prepared MJ for her forever home! 
Varoom Callie
female/black  DOB:  9/17/2013
Kay Crosley
female/black  DOB:  7/29/2014

  Canaan Slugger
male/black  DOB: 9/20/2014

Juno came into our lives just before Christmas in 2016.  At first like most greyhounds, Juno was cautious of his new family.  It did not take long however for his silly, happy go lucky personality to surface.  We had to teach him how to use stairs but as soon as he learned he would simply run up and down, as if saying “look what I can do”.  We did do some research about his race history and found out why he could come into our family at an early age of 2.  He only raced for a total of 6 races and that was in the lowest division.  One race he did not even bother finishing.  We joked about how he was a race school drop-out.  I even suggested that we change his name to Molasses!  It was my wife who said that he was not a loser but instead smart.  What better way to get out of the race circuit than to just not race.  Juno has been warmly accepted by our other dog Anna, and our 2 cats Ash and Charlie.  His happy helicopter wagging tail greets us every time we come home, his warm body is lovingly pressed against our side whenever we are walking in our home, and he is always eager for his daily walks or trips to the local dog park.  We are forever grateful to Motor City Greyhound Rescue for bringing our Juno to us. 
The Zielke Family 

CRT Ginny
female/red fawn  DOB: 4/28/2009

  JA's Rhythm
female/red  DOB: 6/6/2013

Tilly is settling in really well. She loves to go chase her frisbee at the park and show me how fast she is. For a southern girl I wasn’t sure how she would like the snow up in Guelph, but she loves to run and play in it. She even scoops it up with her nose and throws it to herself! 
She is perfectly behaved in the house and while walking.. she has turned into quite the hound, always walking with her nose to the grass and sniffing! She brings constant joy and laughter to my life and I am so thankful she is now such a big part of me!
DKC Make Mewanna
male/brindle  DOB: 1/4/2015
  Go Bon Rivercity
male/black  DOB: 4/22/2014

Vader is the sweetest boy. We knew right away that we wanted to keep him. He really loves my daughter Olivia, and when she got sick with a cold he never left her side. He loves, loves, loves to cuddle. He is shy at first, but very playful too. He is so smart, training him has been a breeze. I can't imagine our family without him in it. 

 CG's Megyn Kelly
female/red  DOB:  11/5/2012
  Rs Rocky Road
male/fawn  DOB:  11/11/2014
   Subtract Another
male/red  DOB: 10/7/2013

 Subtract Another is happy and healthy in his new home!  His new name in Ender, and he knew it after just one day.  He is getting along great with our other dog, Annie, and our three kitties, Orion, Burger, and Milkshake.  Our four kids can’t get enough of holding and petting him, so he is certainly not short of attention and loving.  Ender loves to go for walks, and he especially loves sprinting laps around our back yard.  He is a calm, lazy, sweet little man, and our family is so grateful that he came to us.  Thanks to Motor City Greyhound, we have new reasons for joy and love every day, and we are officially greyhound people now.  We are all looking forward to years of having Ender to share in our lives.

   JA's Betty White
female/white with fawn  DOB: 4/19/2012

Betty is a wonderful companion. She is a very happy dog, very social and loves everyone. She is enjoying the luxury of home life now with lots of cuddles, attention, toys, treats and many soft places to rest and sleep. She is learning that some of the things that were scary at first are not scary at all, and is getting more and more comfortable everyday. She has great in home manners and has never gotten into anything. On occasion she needs a reminder, but it is very rare that she does. She also alerts me when she has to potty. I am often amazed at how smart she is, as she picks up on things so quickly. She gets a little overly excited when she sees people she knows right now, but it is something we are working on. I have total confidence that there is nothing that we can't figure out together, as she is such a good dog. We make a great team and I could not be happier! 

   Smooth Silk
female/black  DOB: 6/16/2014
 We are so happy to welcome Raven into our family. She is a loving companion with a sweetheart personality. Her favorite things include mealtime, meeting new people, and greeting us at the door. Her least favorite thing is snow! Her ears are usually perfectly asymmetrical except when a squirrel is in sight (then they both stand straight up).  Raven doesn't understand what “play” is yet but maybe one day we will crack that shell. In the meantime, she has claimed all the best seats in the house and sleeps more than the cat. We are so excited to share this life with her and watch her grow. Thanks to everyone at MCGR for all you do.
Emily and Josh
  Flying Sandlot
male/light brindle  DOB:10/5/2012
Our Sylas is wonderful, he is so loved! Some funny things about him is sometimes he wakes us up in the morning with soft "rooing"'s actually pretty hilarious. Once he figured out he can roo, he does it on a daily basis. He is very sweet with our 11 year old Italian greyhound, Talullah.  They love their walks together, Talullah likes to show him she's the boss, she tries as hard as she can to lead the pack, but her short little legs have her working so hard. He loves constant affection, always wants to be touched. When we stop petting him he will whine and reach out with his paw letting us know we aren't done! On fridays he goes to doggy daycare where he gets to play with another greyhound.  We are so happy to have him, and definitely see more greyhounds in our future. There are so many great pictures of him, it's hard to choose.
Love, The Sisler family 
   Rico's Topaz
male/black brindle  DOB: 12/29/2013
   Rs Fancy Free
male/fawn  DOB: 11/11/2014
Since our new best friend and family member Frankie (RS Fancy Free) has arrived our family is complete!! He is such a lovable boy, he loves to greet us at the door with tail wags and jumps around like I imagine a deer does in the woods. He took right away to the amenities of a home as one can see by the photo! Sometimes I have to leave the bed because he is such a bed hog. He is great not only with my kids, but the neighbourhood kids love him too! Our daily walks consist sometimes of him thinking he can hunt squirrels or geese and I just laugh at his attempt to be stealth like, because he is so clumsy.  Frankie has warmed the hearts of all of us and we are so grateful to have him as part of our family! 
The Holmes' Family
 WL Sunshine
male/brindle  DOB:  2/7/2014
 Mulberry Glory
female/white and fawn  DOB: 4/3/2013 
   JJ Whatever Real
male/light brindle  DOB: 1/12/2013

 Jackson (formally Jagger) has been with us for over a month now. He has made himself right at home! He is one big couch potato. Who likes to squeeze his way right up beside you. Jackson has become a model big brother for our bulldoggle, Bettye. Bettye likes to reach up, grab his face, and kiss him all over. They have also been known to wrestle a little bit now and then. But for the most part, he just likes to lounge around. He gets along great with all other dogs big and small at the local dog park and he has been the talk of the Downtown Detroit dog scene as he can barely get 10 feet on a walk before people want to come up to him and say "Hi!" Finally, there is no other more exciting time than meal time. He literally dances and prances around the house!  We love Jackson. Thank you to Amy, Jennifer, Rob and everyone else at Motor City Greyhound Rescue for bringing this wonderful gangle snoot into our lives! 
   Quick Robin
female/brindle  DOB:  5/22/2014

 Hemi (Quick Robin) was the one that almost got away. She was not just a foster fail, she was a super fail. From the moment she hopped off the hauler we were drawn to this little shy girl. Weeks later we took her as a vacation foster and couldn't bear to part with her. She's now a confident little princess and our resident snuggle bug. Hemi loves her baby brother Diesel who looks up to her like the sun and stars! She is our little pack leader and has dad wrapped around her dainty little paw! We couldn't possibly love her more!
  Polish Lego
male/white and brindle  DOB:  12/7/2011
  Joes Batgirl
female/red  DOB: 2/14/2014

Joey aka (Joes Bat Girl) is doing awesome in her forever home.
She came into our lives and rescued us and has become another member of the family.
 She is still a little shy with strangers, but in the couple months she’s been with us she has made leaps and bounds,
Mastering the stairs, and not running from every little sound.
Joey LOVES to go to the off leash park, she is very social with all the other dogs and loves to race around with her greyhound friends who were also rescued.
If an article of clothing of mine has gone missing I’ve now learned the first place to look is in her bed, she loves to cuddle with my hats and shirts and slippers, silly girl.
We just love her to bits and look forward to the adventures we will have together in the future, and to watch her blossom..
Thank you MotorCity Greyhound for everything you do! 
  TK Ziva
female/white with brindle  DOB: 7/14/2013

Lexie has been with us just a little over 2 months.  She is adjusting well to her new life.  Lexie is very smart and we have never had to crate her.  We fortunately have had no separation issues . Lexie is a three year old dog who has discovered her inner puppy.  She loves to play with my kids when they come home from school.  She greats them at the door with a big smile on her face. The kids built a huge leaf pile and jumped in and Lexie jumped in and played with them.  She loves to go for walks, and then I throw her a toy and she runs around the yard with it or she throws it in the air. Her aim is not always the best and we have all learned to duck.  I was surprised by how protective she is of my kids.  Before she goes to sleep each night, she checks on each kid to make sure they are in their bed.  If one of them is upset, she goes to them immediately.  Lexie is also the world's worst food thief, and (while she has not tried to jump on my counter)  will devour anything she can get to. Lexie is a very sweet dog and we love having her in our family.
  Flying Flo Rida
male/brindle  DOB: 8/27/2011
  Jhawk Kingtriton
male/brindle  DOB: 7/25/2013

King started out as our foster pal. He was and still is a rather shy guy. He was our foster for quite a while and one day I realized I couldn't imagine him with anyone else.  He fits our family perfectly. He gets along with Rory, his outgoing greyhound sister and can often be found sharing a bed with one of our cats. He loves walking and being read to and chatters his teeth when he is excited. He is a sensitive dog, I really think he knows when one of us needs a little extra comforting because he always seems to show up and cuddle in. The shy ones are pretty special, I am so proud of him and how far he has come, I love watching him feel more comfortable and less scared and I love watching him play and chatter and be happy. He is a sweet guy, and I am so glad he is here and part of our family. There is nothing like dancing dogs greeting you when you come in the door after work. They are like sunshine when days are rather tough and long.
  Fuzzys Jake
male/black  DOB: 9/3/2014

We have had Jake with us for over a month now and he is fitting in really well, he follows me everywhere.  Jake enjoys the company of his sister Lucy and doesn't pay much attention to the cat.  He loves to go on walks and run around the backyard with his ball.  Most of Jakes time is spent laying on the couch, and when the couch is full he will make some room and squeeze in. He can be silly at times and take Lucys bowl of water with him to his crate.  Lastly Jake and I want to say thanks to to all the staff at MotorCity Greyhound for all of their love and support along the way!  
  Dream Up
male/brindle  DOB: 4/12/2014

  JA's Varitek
male/red  DOB:  10/12/2011
  CG's Mercy
female/white and black  DOB: 4/17/2014
  CTW In My Heart
female/fawn  DOB: 6/9/2012 
  Pat C Halette
female/black  DOB: 5/26/2012 

We could not possibly be more happy to have Daisy (formerly Pat C Halette) in our lives. She is a ball of fun and makes every single day a joy. She wakes us up with kisses, and gives us lots of cuddles and love. We are spoiled now! Daisy has the sweetest heart and loves deeply. She enjoys long walks, jumping around the living room, stealing shoes, and belly rubs. She thinks she's a lap dog so she jumps in our lap to snuggle. Her expressions are hilarious, and she cracks us up with her smiles. We can't even imagine a day when she wasn't a part of our lives. She is our little sweet baby girl and we love her bunches.
  JS Dollar Bill
male/black  DOB: 12/30/2013 

After moving to Detroit from Pittsburgh, we decided we needed a dog to bring excitement and happiness into our new home. Bill has done just that! As soon as we met Bill, we knew he was the dog for us! He adjusted to his new home very fast and took a liking for laying on the couch almost instantly. We now have a 74 pound lap dog, who loves to cuddle and play with his stuffed animals! He also loves going for walks around the neighborhood and through the park, and has even made a new doggy friend named Cedar! Bill is very much a people person and loves to get petted by all of the neighbors. He has completed our little family. We can't thank MotorCity Greyhound Rescue enough for helping us find the perfect dog! 
  Flying Lost Wolf
female/white with fawn  DOB: 10/14/2014

Belle was so worth the wait!!! MotorCity Greyhounds were able to get us exactly what we wanted.
She is a sweet loving girl, who loves toys and loves to hide things in her bed.  We are enjoying her spunk!!
She is amazing with our grandbabies and sometimes sneaks their toys when they aren't looking.
Belle loves camping and we are loving her as our new addition!
Thank you MotorCity Greyhounds for all your time and all you do to save these beautiful Greyhounds.
Thanks, Bill & Deb Logan

  TCS Shabazz
female/brindle  DOB: 10/3/2014

Pita is having a good time with us. She loves to run circles around Penny (who tries to keep up for a few minutes).  Pita's favorite game is to run with one of her toys, toss it in the air and then catch it again.  She saw a deer on a walk this weekend and was very interested!  She has made many friends in the neighborhood, but is a little worried about a neighbor's black cat Halloween decoration...
Speaking of Halloween, I'm sending a picture of Pita as Yoda.  I'm also sending a picture of Pita doing on of her favorite things--giving kisses and licking! 
  GS Savannah
female/white and brindle  DOB: 7/9/2012
  Pat C Cobra
male/black  DOB: 7/20/2013

 Hi, my name is Vinnie (previously Pat C. Cobra) and I live happily with my new mommy. I have settled in quite nicely. We go for many car rides, the park and she spoils as you can see by my soft, cozy beds and toys, which I never knew before. I love being a regular dog.  She says that I am a very well-behaved boy.  I am a great walking partner, enjoy meeting new people and their furry children. I even get to go shopping with mom to her favourite boutique (they love me there).  They tell me that I am quite a handsome boy.  Thank you MCGR for bringing us together.
  Afternoon Baby
female/white with fawn  DOB: 5/15/2012

Gertie is an old soul in a young greyhound body. Since the first day we met her, she has been loved! Gertie loves to go on walks around the neighborhood and chew on bones. She's the first to meet Marcia at the door upon her arrival home and can be found following her around the house. She loves to be petted and buries her head into you while you do so. We are very happy and fortunate to be able to provide a forever home for Gertie and love that we can.
  Lee Sung
male/fawn  DOB: 4/5/2014

 We couldn't be happier with our new family member Tanner. He is a perfect fit for our family and has helped heal our hearts from the loss of our first retired greyhound Kingston. He got comfortable with our family faster than expected. He loves going on walks with his mini schnoodle brother Spook and enjoys taking naps on the couch with his kitty siblings Garcia and O'riza. He is very sweet and gentle with our 4 year old daughter Hadley and she loves her big boy Tanner. If he isn't patrolling the yard with Spook for squirrels he is following me from room to room leaning against me or laying his head in my lap. He is very playful and will chase a ball but he lets Spook bring it back, which works out great. He is just an awesome dog.  We are so happy with Tanner and we love our new boy very much. Thank you so much MCGR for finding the perfect grey for our family.

  Atascocita Aby
female/fawn  DOB:  2/10/2013
  Lazy K Passat
female/black  DOB:  2/11/2014
  Dutch Theo
male/white with red brindle  DOB: 9/18/2013
We decided to foster another greyhound shortly after a tragic accident took our first MCGR adoptee. You never know what will help in your coping, and when the time is right to get another dog. We did know the right thing to do, and that was to continue to foster greyhounds. I came looking to foster a smaller girl like our Uli, and we left with a big male with some handsome brindle spots! He was so affectionate, social, and sweet. Right when he walked in, he found the toys, and immediately went to squeaking!  We had some initial training and work to do with house manners, but he was very eager to please and quick to learn. Greyhounds are typically known for their independent and stoic nature, but we quickly realized Theo was a loving snuggler who wanted only to rest upon his humans. And we loved to nuzzle him right back. His kind, confident, and quiet temperament won us over. Theo has been a wonderful addition in our home and our hearts, who loves to go for walks, collect his toys, take naps, and hang with his humans. Thank you Motor City Greyhound Rescue for all your support and all the work you do, and thank you Theo for healing us by giving us so much joy!  
  Varoom Adam
male/white and brindle  DOB: 3/25/2013

So, as you can see Adam is having a difficult time settling in!  LOL
He's such a silly goofball that there's no way I could help but fail at "fostering" him.  When he does something bad and then looks at me with a big toothy grin it's impossible not to crack up.  Welcome home, Adam. 
   Canaan Away Tome
male/fawn  DOB: 7/17/2014

 Rusty and I are a happily failed foster! We knew pretty quickly that we were a perfect match. Rusty is learning lots of fun things - his bed is very comfortable, the back yard is a great place to explore and, most important, I will always come home to him. He loves to look out the front windows to see what the neighborhood is up to and is just beginning to figure out what toys are for. He is such a sweetheart and is so loved.
   Twelfth Night
female/fawn  DOB: 5/29/2009
   Kten Doll
female/red  DOB: 4/7/2014

Daisy (Dolly) is a beautiful, sweet, funny and very smart girl!
She has been super great since Day 1.  We had her as a foster dog, but we failed...... She became "our dog" by late afternoon of the same day when we got her.  She was very shy at first toward everything and everyone, but she is now soooo comfortable in her "own" house, and enjoy playing, sleeping and exploring everything.
  We have taken a training class, and she has been learning lots of things fast.  She loves playing with squeaky toys, running and tossing them up in the air.  She also used to be very quiet, but now she is more talkative - letting us know what she wants or what she needs! 
Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity to meet her!! 
   CBJ Cocoa
female/red fawn  DOB: 2/21/2011

In the word of William Shakespeare, "I can no other answer make but thanks, and many thanks." This quote truly expresses our gratitude to Motor City Greyhounds and everyone who made Coco's adoption possible. Our only regret is that your organization doesn't run the country! The experience and process was definitely beyond our expectations. I filled out the application with little hope as I thought we might be a bit too far away. Much to my delight, there is now a fawn colored, four-legged ambassador of joy loping around my yard as I type. The generosity of everyone involved is amazing. Coco's foster parents, Rob and Shelly, are to be commended for their efforts. Not only did they selflessly nurture Coco for months, they delivered her 200 miles to our doorstep. In addition, every person we dealt with at the rescue was kind, caring and so very helpful. Now for my confession. When Jen called to ask if I had a dog in mind, I really did--a fabulous looking 2 year old male brindle. However, I said to please just give us a dog that she felt would be successful at our place. It was a match made in heaven--CBJ Cocoa, a five year old female fawn was who we were meant to have. From the second she arrived, Coco has made us smile. She takes everything in stride from horses to Weimaraners to barn cats to nieces and nephews--nothing fazes her. We love everything about her from her drippy nose to her bald thighs to  her white tippy tail. Coco loves everyone. She is always incredulous when she gets to meet someone new--like she has won the human lottery. Coco cools off in the horse troughs, thoroughly enjoys a spin around the pastures, and then, of course, is always up for a good roach on the GIANT bed her fosters gave her. Coco' transition into our family has been seamless. We have y'all at the rescue to thank for that!
With enduring admiration,
The Hamlins 
   JJ Jo Betsy
female/red  DOB: 2/3/2014 

Rey is like a new dog since we got her. She likes to go for walks and explore little by little, but still not to sure about those scary sprinklers. Rey loves to lay on all things soft, we have to battle to claim our spots on the couch. Rey doesn’t understand what dog toys are, instead she likes to take our clothes and random objects and carry them around. She has become our big baby and taken our hearts. Everyday is a new adventure with Rey and we are constantly learning more about our special girl. 
-Rachael & Jeffrey 
  Imark Oreo
male/white with black  DOB: 6/9/2013
IMARK OREO, came to us as a foster. We had wanted a female as a companion for our girl Tara and a non Alfa threat for our boy Baron. Well when we got the call could we take a male instead we said ok, we'll foster him and try again later, well best laid plans right. Within 10 minutes of his arrival to our home we had named him Rory. We pretty much knew he was going to stay. He came with a smile and a gentle fun loving nature. He and Tara just hit it off, running and chasing each other. In the house they just lie with each other and do the mouth play together. He just wormed himself in. He picked us I think, settled right in like he knew he wasn't going anywhere. All three dogs do well, the older brother runs the place and Rory gives him his lead. Who knew, it was just meant to be.
   Golddust Terling
male/red  DOB: 12/7/2011
Sterling has been much more attentive to fully relieving himself before I leave and when I return home and both Sterling and Jackson seem to be settling into a great relationship and routine with each other.
Sterling is the cutest, most inquisitive greyhound.  He is my lap buddy and if I am on the couch, his head is always in my lap.  Our current favorite show is Forensic files, although I do leave House Hunters on for him when I am at work.  I think he wants me to re-do the kitchen.......
Sterling has learned to play with Jackson, and is most insistent about our daily afternoon walk, and then the boys have a good chase and run around the yard in the evening after dinner time.  He is the best at getting in and out of the car and has taken over the alpha dog duties from Jackson.
He has mastered the art of the "I'm sorry" doggy face and is simply too cute for words.  Jackson and I are both very happy he has settled into our home and he acts just pleased as punch whenever we are all together.  He also loves the visits to Grandma's house and has been silently begging me to take him out to another greyhound playdate.
Last week Sterling and Jackson got to meet their cousin dogs for the 4th and everyone had a fanaatstic run and played well with no issues or hostility at all.  And the extended family got to give Sterling many pets and love.
   Elusive Wave
female/red  DOB: 7/11/2013
Bella is doing great and loving her new home! She follows me everywhere and does the goofiest things like putting her front paws in a bowl of water when she's hot, barking at the garage door when i get home from work, sleeping in the weirdest positions, and being afraid of the cat lol. She's the best dog I could ever ask for, loves people, food, going for walks, being outside, car rides, etc. Thank you so much for being such a great group and letting me get the kind of dog I've wanted since I was 10! 

   Oshkosh Minda
female/black  DOB: 6/1/2011
   Elite Elmo
male/brindle  DOB: 7/12/2014

Our newest member Diesel (formerly Elite Elmo) is settling in great! He gets along well with his brother Aero (formerly Superior caper) and is great with the kids. Even plays a little dress up. we are very glad we decided to adopt him.
   Karl Kicker
male/black brindle  DOB: 11/1/2013
  Blue Bob
male/red brindle  DOB: 4/28/2014
Freeman (formerly Blue Bob) has been with me for 3 months now and I could never have imagined how great it would be to have another greyhound. I have never had the same breed twice, but with the help of everyone at MCGR, I have the perfect pet for my home.
Initially I thought I wanted an older female but I have adopted a young male. Freeman is a very calm, well mannered 2yr old boy.
He was very nervous of men at first and frightened of children-his first meeting with my grandchildren ended up with Freeman quickly wanting to go inside and upstairs to bed where he stayed until they left!
He has overcome his fear of men and children with lots of exposure to both, loves his daily walk/walks and has made many friends(new best friend-Quincy)
I am very grateful for everything the MCGR does for the dogs and without them I wouldn't have Freeman - Thank-you! Karen
  SWG Just My Luck
female/red  DOB: 6/13/2011
 Lucy is a very happy girl!  She has the longest, happiest tail we've ever experienced!!  In the beginning she wore skirts and shorts to limit her "waggy " tail!  She arrived as a foster but quickly became a permanent resident dog joining our 2 male greyhounds. She's a perfect balance for the boys!  As a former brood mom, she keeps Rufus in line and has inspired Murphy to run in the yard. She loves to gather toys and bones to collect on her bed and never misses an opportunity to spend time outside. She's a real sweetheart. We're proud to be foster failures...again!
  Bs Shooter
male/red brindle  DOB: 4/7/2014
  Jax Kyle
male/black  DOB: 12/15/2012

Jackson has been a wonderful addition to my home.  We had all of a one day adjustment period and he has discovered how to train me very well.  He insists on playing fetch in the mornings after breakfast, a brisk walk, and then laying about in the yard smelling the clean cut grass, clover and flowers.  He likes to hide in the thick trees and bushes in the corner and monitor his territory from a cool and comfortable place.  
The day after he came home, my whole family insisted on coming over to meet him and he has been nothing but curious and gentle to every person he meets.  He is the new star of our neighborhood and not a day goes by that we are on a walk that people cannot resist coming up and seeing him.
He has decided that the bed is big enough for him and I get just a small side but as he is a big softie, I can't help but accomodate him.  Milkbones and Kong toys seem to be our new favorite things.
Jackson had a great time with the other hounds in Indian Village and is looking forward to being a star at the meet and greets and is currently begging me for a sibling to complete our family.
Attached are some photos of Jackson rolling in his favorite flowers and clover spots while enjoying a well deserved bone.
He is in his happy home and refuses to leave my side.  Thank you to MotorCity Greyhound Rescue group for bringing us together. 

  Jhawk Howweroll
female/red  DOB: 4/14/2013

"Fiona, FKA Jhawk Howweroll, is an absolute joy!
She's settled into our home & hearts quickly. Her favorite activities currently include: a general lack of activity (in the form of long naps), prompt breakfasts, treats, walks, small critters, cuddles, cuddles, cuddles, food and food. 
Taking Fiona out in public is like leashing a magical unicorn. People are immediately drawn to her. No matter who or what comes up to her, she greets them with total trust, meaning lots of butt wiggles, kisses and love. Except for baby birds, she tries to eat the baby birds - sorry little robins. 
Fiona has been described as "the best dog in the world" by a number of friends and strangers; we couldn't agree more. We're so fortunate and find such happiness having her in our family!
We couldn't thank her wonderful foster parents, Ann and Gregg, enough for their care and continued support - as well as the MotorCity Greyhound Rescue for the incredible work they do pairing people with their perfect canine. Many, many thanks!
Emily and Jonathan

  Superior Caper
male/ white with black  DOB: 9/28/2013

Superior Caper is now named Aero. He is a sweet loving boy. He has mastered the stairs in our house and settled into our family great! His new dad made him his own bed, and he fills it with stuffed animals stolen from the kids rooms. The kids adore him and take turns walking him. His new foster brother Elite Elmo we are renaming Diesel.  He is fun and playful and the dogs are getting along great. We are in the process of adopting him too! Our family has grown by 2 big dogs and lots of love. 
  JAS Supertrooper
male/brindle and white  DOB:  7/20/2014

Adopting Jackson “Jax” has been an amazing experience for us and we think he’s pretty happy too. Describing Jax to family and friends after only our first week with him was, “Can’t walk on hardwood floors, can't do stairs, can’t get in the car… He’s perfect!” Jax has mastered all of the above and he can even jump up into the truck now too.
Jax loves his morning and evening walks and he loves everybody he meets along the way. He especially loves walks along the river and the pier here in Port Dover and he loves seeing the ducks. He also loves visiting with Molly and Kato, our son’s dogs, and yes the kitties too.
Jax loves collecting up his toys and he thinks that anything on the office desk is fair game.
Jax loves to play fetch in the backyard and often when he brings the ball back to us he just drops it at our feet and keeps on running! He can now catch balls too. He loves visiting the dog park and has become a bit of a celebrity there with others wanting to know when he is coming back again. They are awestruck seeing him at full speed, well we are too.
Jax loves everything and everybody. He gives love and loves getting it back. As for loving an empty food dish… not so much. Our Jackie Boy is wonderful! Thank you MCGR.


  JWP Lola Jones
female/brindle  DOB: 4/1/2014
 I first heard about Lola just after she broke her leg during a race. At that point I didn't know anything about her, not even her name or if she would be okay with my cats. We often hear about dogs suffering injuries because of racing, but for some reason I felt an immediate connection with her. I asked Jennifer if she could get her for me to foster and she did. I waited 2 long months for her to recover enough from her amputation to travel from Florida to Amherstburg, ON. Lola passed her cat testing testing with flying colours and it was confirmed that I would be bringing her home to foster. I can't even describe the amount of joy I felt knowing I would be able to be a part of her life. Lola had a bit of a rough start... she kept trying to use her nonexistent leg and would stumble and fall at times. As time went on she became more comfortable and more steady on only three legs with the help of Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Senior and Special Needs Dogs. Now, she has even started running in the yard with the other dogs! Lola is such an incredibly sweet natured girl. She loves to squeak her stuffies, chew her Nylabones and fetch toys in the yard. Lola especially loves to be around her new family which includes a german shepherd (Jazz) another greyhound (Bella/Jax Godiva) and two cats (Baghera and Peanut). She fits right in with everyone. As every day passes, Lola becomes more confident and enjoys being able to behave and be loved as every dog should. She is an absolute joy to have around and I am so fortunate to have her in my life.
  TP Go Go Go
male/fawn  DOB: 5/12/2013
When I first got Pete he was very challenged by the stairs, but eventually I got him going up and down and I admit it took him longer to pick up than other greyhounds I've had.  Now if I move the gate to the basement he's the first one down, it seems there's something really great about going up and down the stairs now.  He also wouldn't propel himself into the car, but just half hopped up waiting for someone to pick up his back end.  Because I didn't want to spend years picking him up, I started training him to jump up on progressively taller things. Because I don't have training platforms, I used my various couches to get him to jump up. Every time he dynamically used his back end to get up he got a treat.  We moved up in height to the taller beds, and eventually he jumped into the back of the SUV- yay!  The side effect of all that means he now lays on the couch, but I can't tell him no because his older sister is queen of the couch and he thought that was an excellent idea.  Although he loves the bed, our queen size just doesn't allow for big greyhound, so he's got a couch-like dog bed to curl up in at night.  

His confidence on the walks has grown immensely and he's quite comfortable now, as compared to the beginning when he was scared of cars driving by.  He is still strangely interested in open garage doors and it's like he's curious as to what's going on in there.  His first trip up North to a cottage on Lake Huron went very well. He loved the walk in the woods but still isn't so sure of the waves in the lake and he enjoyed the warm sand a lot. He's a real sweetheart over all, and loves to cuddle in my arms. He has a habit of half jumping up on the bed in morning as he's excited about getting his breakfast- every morning is like Christmas to him and he just can't wait for us to get up. It's pretty funny because it's impossible to ignore him and if you yell at him to lay down he just gets more happy and excited you spoke to him, and he's accomplished step one to getting breakfast. He's makes us laugh.
  Pat C Tally
female/fawn  DOB: 7/25/2011
Hi everyone! My name is Bailey and I am so happy to find my forever home. Here is my story. My foster mom, Alexandria was taking me to a meet and greet for MotorCity Greyhounds and that is where I met my mom. She knew I was going to be there and she drove an hour to meet me! Once I looked at her with my beautiful brown eyes, I knew she was my match. I even met her two children that day and they loved me too. I went to my new house where I met my new housemates, three cats. Two were highly suspicious of my presence but one came up to greet me like we were old friends. That cat secretly believes he is a dog so he was more than happy to be with one of his own kind. I love to go on walks and car rides and wag my tail at anyone who looks my way. People always ask about my past life but are so happy that I have been rescued. I have appointed myself head of the neighbourhood watch, as seen in my photo. I have to keep my eye on those squirrels, they taunt me from their lofty homes in the trees. I am leading the good life now. Thanks Stephanie, Alexandria and MotorCity Greyhounds. Sincerely Bailey 

Cayenne Silver
male/light brindle  DOB: 4/24/2013

I have been fascinated with Greyhounds for years and I recently decided to take the plunge.  I weighed the pros and cons in my head and went over the criteria I was looking for in a companion dog. “I’d like a boy, he would have to be good with my daughter’s cats, and he would have to like walking”.  I started looking at Greyhound adoption agencies and after a few twists and turns I decided on Motor City. Lo and behold, they had a cat-safe, active brindle male named Cayenne Silver!

I met him and I was instantly smitten. He looked so noble and dignified that I decided to call him Scipio after and ancient Roman general.

After an interesting initial crating experience, Scipio almost instantly took to life at his new home. He is great with the cats and with a couple of Yorkie-Poos he sees often, and also with my girlfriend’s new Whippet. He absolutely loves meeting other dogs! He also loves walking several times a day, playing catch with his squeaker toys and going to the dog park. He is of course also a champion sleeper.  

I was adamant that he would NEVER sleep in my bed; it just wasn’t going to happen, EVER! That lasted about 3 days until he jumped up on the bed, put his head on his front paws and looked at me with those amber eyes of his. Now I can’t get to sleep unless he is on the bed too. He hasn’t figured out that the couch is a good place to nap yet, but I don’t think it will take him long…

I’m very, very happy to have Scipio in my life. He has only been with me a short while and he has already added so much depth and color to my life. I think he feels the same! 

   HS Tee Rex
male/red brindle  DOB: 1/26/2013
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